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Introduction to Grant Projects

National University Corporation, Fukushima University, Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science, Professor Takahide Kurosawa

Accumulation, organization and creation of a database of plant specimens for identifying areas with growing endangered species and areas for protection, as well as the understanding of flora in hazard areas and planned evacuation areas

Research grant

Project Description

Create, accumulate and organize a database and to make information available to the public about plant diversity in hazard areas and planned evacuation areas. Based on this, a plant list can be created to identify the flora and specify types of endangered species and the areas in which they are concentrated in. Additionally, we create a system by which residents, government officials and researchers can access these necessary research materials (plant specimen and DNA collection) and information (plant specimen database, image database).

Grant year
FY2012 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2013 - March 2016
Grant amount
7,000,000 yen
Activity region
Hama-dori region, Naka-dori region, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Plant speciments in disaster-affected areas before organization

Overview of the Organization

Professor Takahide Kurosawa
Professor Takahide Kurosawa
Specialist field
Botanical Taxonomy, Ecology
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Society for Plant Systematics, Himalayan Plant Research Group, Water Plant Society,The Botanical Society of Japan, The Ecological Society of Japan, The society for the study of phytogeography and taxonomy, The Society for the Study of Species Biology, Phenology Research Society, Botanical Society of America, Society of Japan Science Teaching,The Japanese Society of Cyperology, International Euphorbia Society
Graduated from Tohoku University Department of Biology in 1989 and received a Masters of Science from Tohoku University in 1994. Became an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education, Fukushima University, 1997. In 2013 took the position of Associate Professor at the Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science at Fukushima University, and is presently still in this position in the Division of Environment System Management, in charge of the biodiversity preservation course. Currently a Visiting Associate Professor The Open University of Japan Graduate School, Tohoku Regional Development Bureau Business Evaluation Project Committee Member, Ministry of Environment Interim Storage Facility Committee for Environmental Conservation Measures Committee Member, Fukushima Prefecture Biodiversity Promotion Council Chairman, Acta Phytotaxonomica et Geobotanic Magazine Editor, etc.
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Joint Researcher
Shingo Kaneko (Fukushima University, Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Science) Akihiro Takashi, (Shimane University, Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Department of Biological Science)
Research record
Specialising in the classification and ecology of euphorbiaceae found in East Asia and the Himalayas, key books include Flora of Japan, vol.IIc (Kodansha Scientific, contributed writing) and New Botanical Taxonomy (Kodansha Scientific, contributed writing). Since joining Fukushima Univeristy, primary work includes elucidation and preservation of plants in the region. Following the Great Eastern Japan earthquake, I have been involved in gathering materials from areas such as the tsunami site and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident site, collecting data on areas which are difficult to return to, as part of a project to elucidate flora and examine measures to conserve biodiversity. Awarded the Matsushita Konosuke Foundation EXPO Prize, 2013