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Ojika Island Tourism Association

Environmental Education & Social Contribution Tourism Promotion Project - Creating a sustainable cohesive society in cities and islands

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Project Description

In remote Okaji Island where depopulation, a declining birthrate, and an aging society are progressing unabated, this project puts into practice "Environmental Education and Social Tourism (learning travel and its commercialization)" to respond to the increased desire among city residents since the earthquake to study in and contribute to regional areas of Japan. It aims to secure Okaji Island's future by developing it as a tourist region. The project, which will create cohesion between cities and islands, will be rolled out in Tohoku and other areas nationwide with the aim of creating a sustainable society.

Grant year
FY2013 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years
October 2013 - September 2015
Grant amount
10,000,000 yen
Activity region
Ojika, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
Isoyake progression has devastated seaweed along the island

Overview of the Organization

Yutaka Amagasaki, Director
Yutaka Amagasaki, Director
Establishment purpose
  • Background
    The Ojika Island Tourism Association was established in 2007 as the islands one-stop service, aiming to solve the problem of the declining population of the island and create a sustainable society through the industrialization of tourism and the promotion of new employment opportunities for young people.
  • Recent activities
    By promoting and cultivating sightseeing on the island by utilizing its special characteristics for "island tourism," develop a region with a sustainable society. This is through contributing to the exchange between the island and foreign countries as well as other cities, environment conservation, leading lifestyles respectful of culture and nature, aiming to both create jobs, revitalize the economy and facilitate partnerships with companies and governments.
Main areas of activity
Ojika, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan
7 full-time staff members, 54 part-time staff members, 83 full members
Annual operating budget
70 million yen in 2011, 70 million yen in 2012, 65 million yen in 2013
WEB site
Collaborating researchers
Ojika Island Tourism Association
Main activities
  • Accomodation and nature experiences, and running international exchange and environmental education programs
  • Promotion of projects such as nature activities for elementary and junior high school children, Takarashima Camp, homestays demonstrating "island life," etc.
  • Accepting groups, such as children's camps organized by the Board of Education from different areas, school trips from Kansai and Kanto areas, etc.
  • Environmental activities in the town, e.g. environmental lectures, the collection and cleaning of driftwood on the coastline
  • Manage the Nokazi Island Nature School, as entrusted by the town