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Introduction to Grant Projects

Conservation International Japan, Ecosystem Policy Manager Yoji Natori

Development of quantitative methods to help make renewable natural resources mainstream

Research grant

Project Description

Although biodiversity is a renewable natural resource that forms a foundation to societal development, its importance is not sufficiently understood. The multifaceted value that areas important to biodiversity have for society must be shown more clearly. This research develops quantitative methods to index conservation initiatives, evaluate their progress, and create means for attracting further actions. It will also contribute to making consideration for biodiversity mainstream in society by attempting to evaluate its economic value and further advance its spread.

Grant year
FY2012 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years
April 2013 - March 2015
Grant amount
9,976,000 yen
Activity region
Targeting key biodiversity areas throughout Japan
Discussion of the LHI index

Overview of the Organization

Ecosystem Policy Manager Yoji Natori
Ecosystem Policy Manager Yoji Natori
Specialist field
Conservation policy, landscape ecology
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Association for Landscape Ecology
Majored in landscape ecology and conservation planning and policy (PhD/University of Wisconsin-Madison). At the Japan Wildlife Research Center and Ecosystem Conservation Society-Japan was involved in studying international debates on forests and domestic debates on wildlife, and in environmental conservation management planning, etc. Joined CI Japan in 2008, made Ecosystem Policy Manager in 2010. In charge of planning biodiversity-related conservation projects using international treaties, programs, policies and CCB standards, selection of KBAs for Japan, etc.
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Collaborating researchers
Kei Kabaya and Sana Okayasu (Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science), Toru Hatori (CEPA Japan), Tsubasa Iwabuchi (Toyo University), Motoshi Tomita and Masaka Tsuda (PEM Network), Chiho Kamiyama (United Nations University)
Research record
  • Natori, Y., M. Kohri, S. Hayama and N. De Silva (2012). Key Biodiversity Areas identification in Japan Hotspot. Journal of Threatened Taxa, 4: 2797-2805.
  • Natori, Y., J. Silbernagel and M. S. Adams (2011). Biodiversity Conservation Planning in Rural Landscapes in Japan: Integration of Ecological and Visual Perspectives. In Pavlinov, I. (Ed.), Research in Biodiversity - Models and Applications, InTech: 285-306.
  • Natori, Y. and Chenoweth, R. (2008) Differences in rural landscape perceptions and preferences between farmers and naturalists. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 28: 250-267.
  • Natori, Y. and Porter, W. P. (2007) Japanese serow (Capricornis crispus) landscape energetics model predicts distribution on Honshu, Japan. Ecological Applications, 17: 1441-1459.
  • Natori, Y., W. Fukui, M. Hikasa (2005) Empowering Nature Conservation in Japanese Rural Areas: A Planning Strategy Integrating Visual and Biological Landscape Perspectives. Landscape and Urban Planning, 70: 315-24.