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Wakayama University, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Associate Professor, Yuji Hara

Clarification of the relationship between storm surge damages and land use change accompanied by artificial terrain change in the affected areas of Typhoon 30 in the Philippines

Research grant

Project Description

Typhoon 30 occured on November 4 2013, causing serious damage to Tacloban, the central city of Leyte Island, Philippines. Tacloban is situated on the Eastern coast of Leyte Island and has a population of around 200,000 on the coastal plain. In this research, the relationship between urbanization of unplanned embankments and damage distribution intensity is verified by geographical information analysis. For mid-sized cities in developing countries, which lack geographical and statistical information, we established a process model for maintenance, analysis and mapping of high cost performance spatial information.

Grant year
FY2013 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years
April 2014 - March 2016
Grant amount
3,500,000 yen
Activity region
Tacloban, Philippines
Flooding in Manila due to the 2009 Typhoon

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor, Yuji Hara
Associate Professor, Yuji Hara
Specialist field
Landscape ecology
Affiliated societies
The Association of Japanese Geographers, Japaese Institute of Landscape Architecture, The City Planning Institute of Japan, Association for Rural Planning, Japan Society of Civil Engineers
Graduated from the University of Tokyo School of Science in 2001 and entered the University of Tokyo Graduate School, Landscape Ecology and Planning Lab to begin research on Asian low wetland city development and flooding, conducting field research in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. In 2005, withdrew from the doctoral course and became a special assistant professor at the University of Tokyo continuing to investigate the land environment towards a recylcing-oriented society in cities within Asia. In 2007, after compiling research results, received a doctoral degree in Agriculture. In 2009, transferred to Wakayama University and began research on rural metropolitan areas, which was connected to the research for this application.
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Joint Researchers
Akinobu Murakami (Tsukuba University, Associate Professor), Kazuaki Tsuchiya (University of Tokyo Assistant Professor) Nobuyuki Egusa (Wakayama University, Lecturer), Armando Parihon (Philippine University, Lecturer)
Research Achievements
  • Shinya Tadashi, Kazuaki Tsuchiya, Yuji Hara, Taitaku Danai, (2013): Impact of urban development regarding flood patterns and terrain changes in the suburbs of Bangkok - Cases of large scale flooding in 2011, Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan, Vol.48, pp.783-788
  • Yuji Hara (2011): Flood damage in Eastern Manila due to Typhoon Ondoy 2009 - Comparison with 2002 research paper results considering factors of change in flood characteristics, Journal of Rural Planning Association, Vol. 30, pp.207-212.
  • Hara, Y., Takeuchi, K., Palijon, A.M. and Murakami, A. (2008): Landfill development in the urban fringe of Metro Manila. GeoJournal 71, 127-141.
  • Hara, Y., Thaitakoo, D. and Takeuchi, K. (2008): Landform transformation on the urban fringe of Bangkok: the need to review land-use planning processes with consideration of the flow of fill materials to developing areas. Landscape and Urban Planning 84, 74-91.
  • Yuji Hara, Shigeko Haruyama, Satoru Okubo, Kazuhiko Takeuchi, (2002): Transformation of flood characteristics and land diversion of paddy fields with embankments in the city and rural centre of Manila, Journal of Rural Planning Association, Vol.4, No.19-24