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Introduction to Grant Projects

Iwate Prefectural University Faculty of Policy Studies

Regeneration of endangered plant monochoria korsakowii and biotope in disaster-affected areas

Activity grant

Project Description

Nature restoration in the Sanriku Coastal area can help earthquake disaster reconstruction. The resurgence of monochoria korsakowii which was lost as a result of the tsunami is a symbol of nature's capability for restoration. We are progressing with conservation with the construction of a biotope, starting with the excavation of harvested buried seeds. Additionally, for children affected by the disaster, these activities will include learning about the environment. By caring for both the mind and environment through biotopes based in Universities, NPOs and Citizen Organizations, we can train staff to understand and have a certain sensitivity toward nature to support future reconstruction efforts.

Grant year
FY2012 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2013 - March 2016
Grant amount
6,987,000 yen
Activity region
Kamaishi, Iwate Prefecture, Japan
Biotope Observation Group. Rice in front surrounded by monochoria korsakowii

Overview of the Organization

Akira Hiratsuka, Professor
Akira Hiratsuka, Professor
Establishment purpose
We hope to create a new era which brings harmony between nature, science and people in order to contribute to a fulfilling society with a rich sense of humanity. Our aim is for a university that trains people to be independent with advanced expertise, strongly intellectual and with great sensitivity. Our basic direction is as follows: 1. Rich education and learning and nuturing a sense of respect for others, 2. Stressing the importance of interdiscplinary areas in education and research, 3. Practical education and stressing its importance as well as research, 4. Contribution to the local community, 5. Contribution to the international community
Main areas of activity
Japan (primarily Iwate Prefecture, Tohoku region) and overseas
325 full-time staff members
Collaborating researchers
ASIA Environmental Alliance NPO, Asagao network
Main Activities
Our mission has been to provide support for the Great East Japan Earthquake since the disaster. We have 4 departments 2 Junior Colleges, a disaster recover support centre, a regional policy research centre, a student volunteer centre to continue volunteer activities. In addition, by utilising the expertise of faculty we are acting as a prefectural think tank to promote research related to earthquake reconstruction. We implemented education and community reconstruction support projects in Iwate and by cooperationg with the region, and we also plan to collaborate with other universities overseas.