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Mikiyasu Nakayama, Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

An international comparison of factors behind evacuees' refusal of repatriation to their country of origin, and measures to address the issue

Research grant

Project Description

Among evacuees of large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, some individuals desire to forego repatriation to their country of origin despite the option to return. In these cases, problems can arise ranging from population decline in originating countries to overcrowding in schools, a lack of medical facilities, and conflict with local citizens in the destination country. This joint international study investigates the root causes of evacuees denying repatriation in connection with any of the three major recent natural disasters in Asia, and seeks to propose measures to address the issue.

Grant year
FY2013 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years
April 2014 - March 2016
Grant amount
6,000,000 yen
Activity region
Fukushima, Japan and West Sumatra/Aceh, Indonesia
Permanent housing for evacuees of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami (Sri Lanka)

Overview of the Organization

Mikiyasu Nakayama, Professor
Mikiyasu Nakayama, Professor
Specialist field
Resource and environmental management, international river water disputes, regional planning
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources
Graduated from Tokyo University's Faculty of Agriculture in Biological and Environmental Engineering in 1980, and in 1986 completed a doctorate from the Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Science from the same university. In 1989, became an Associate Professor at Utsunomiya University's Faculty of Agriculture. Later that year, took an additional post as Assistant Professor at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. In 1994, became a water resource management specialist for the Middle East and Africa at the World Bank in Washington DC. In 1999, was appointed Professor at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Agriculture at Utsunomiya University. Later on in 1999, became a Professor at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Science at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Since 2014, has held the post of Professor at the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo.
Research record
Research on the subject of the resettlement and the rebuilding of livelihood.
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