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Seed to Table (NPO) - Connectiong people, nature and cultures

Creating environmental conservation areas in Vietnam's Mekong Delta through collaboration between various stakeholders

Activity grant

Project Description

Enriching farming villages in the Vietnam's Mekong Delta by growing environmentally-friendly organic vegetables
Food safety in Bến Tre Province in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta is being affected by environmental pollution caused by the use of agrochemicals and unethical behaviour by farming families. This project aims to promote organic agriculture in the province by encouraging collaboration with governments, schools and distributors to create a produce management and distribution system with a human face, and marketing organic vegetables to consumers, educators, parent associations and the like in Ho Chi Minh and Bến Tre city. It also aims to encourage understanding of environmental issues through networking events and the like which will lead to the development of sustainable environmental conservation activities in the region. [Project No. K15-0077]

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY15/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2015 - September 2018
Grant amount
8,600,000 yen
Activity region
Binh Dai and Ba Tri districts, Bến Tre Province, Vietnam
Farmers from An Hoa Tay commune in Ba Tri District gather to research agricultural ecosystems

Overview of the Organization

Mayu Ino, Director
Project organization
Seed to Table (NPO) - Connectiong people, nature and cultures
Mayu Ino, Director
Establishment purpose
Seed to Table was established to engage in environmentally-friendly community planning for Vietnamese farming villages. It's missions are: 1) Protect biodiversity and nature in the region in a way that supports local culture; 2) improve food self-sufficiency; 3) leverage local strengths to cultivate produce, 4) nurture the next-generation of leaders, 5) create a record of traditional agricultural methods and customs, and indigineous seeds, flora and fauna, to leave for the next generation, 6) provide spaces for people to network, and 7) disseminate information about the region and its food and agriculture.
Recent activities
Hòa Bình Province, Vietnam's northwest mountains
(1) Restoring and recording native rice varieties (November 2009 - October 2011)
(2) Environmental education (April 2010 - March 2016)
(3) Organic farming (October 2011 - January 2016)
Bến Tre Province, southern Vietnam'S Mekong Delta
(1) Duck farming networking workshops (June 2009 - December 2010)
(2) Improving the lifestyles of impoversihed people through practical, sustainable farming (February 2011 - January 2016)
(3) Organic farming (April 2012 - September 2018)
3 full-time staff members, 2 part-time staff members, 77 full members
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Representative's comment
We aim to protect the local environment and people's health, improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers by facilitating the cooperation between agriculturual exchange centers, government agencies, consumers, hotels, and schools in Bến Tre Province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.