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Introduction to Grant Projects

The Firewood Association

Project to increase recycled energy by using thinned timber for firewood

Activity grant

Project Description

Instead of cutting down forests for firewood, a mechanized production system for thinned timber generated by afforestation and silviculture is being created which can meet the quantity demands for firewood at an appropriate price. The aim is to introduce a firewood production machine which can do all the process steps for firewood (transportation, cutting, dividing, and movement.) It's selling points are that along with increasing production capacity, it will reduce the fatigue of workers. Orders for firewood are growing, and the tree species are divided according to use, such as firewood for ceramic kiln use or wood stove burning.

Grant year
FY14/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
1 years
October 2014 - September 2015
Grant amount
3,000,000 yen
Activity region
Hase area, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
View of the firewood manufacturing equipment in use

Overview of the Organization

Uchiyama Kazufumi, President
Uchiyama Kazufumi, President
Establishment Purpose
This project promotes the use of firewood focused recycled energy to the large amount of people living in the area, and aims to contribute to utilization of forest resources and encouragement of conservation. Through the continuation of these activities, it also aims to contribute to the advancement of a low-carbon society.
Project areas
Hase area, Ina City, Nagano Prefecture
Part-time staff members 3, full members 22
Annual operating budget
3.48 million yen in 2012, 5.01 million yen in 2013, 7 million yen in 2014
Collaborating organizations
Mizonokuchi Satoyama Tsukuru-tai, Forest Environment NPO
Recent activities
  • Tour of cutting firewood
    In the activities carried out by the predecessor organization "The Hase stove firewood institution" spanning 20 years, activities were carried out on the forest floor after forest thinning to move and utilize the thinned wood for wood burning stove fuel. Carrying capacity has been improved in recent years, and surplus materials will be used for the firewood business which funds the operating costs of the association.
  • Production and marketing of the firewood business
    Sell to users of firewood.
  • Manufacture of industrial goods
    Construct industrial products utilizing thinned wood by entering manufacturing consignment agreements with companies.