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Introduction to Grant Projects

Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (recommended by overseas office)


Activity grant

Project Description
The project will continue for 3 years and cover Istanbul (Bosphorus ). The main aim is to build-up consciousness and awareness on protection of the coastal line for the future of the sea creatures and marine pollution amongst the pre-elementary, elementary and middle school students. It will have three main steps, firstly training the trainers and secondly peer education method will be used. The trainings will cover “sea - water conservation” and “the effects of wastes” on biodiversity and water. During the training period role playing and games will be the teaching method. Each year after completion of the training, special activities and projects will be delivered by the teachers and trainers to the students. Training, activities and projects will be evaluated according to creativity, applicability, and sustainability. After finalizing the training “Assessment and Evaluation” reports will be published by TURMEPA each year.

The Purpose of the Project

The main objective is to teach the sustainability of the eco system. Therefore, the project aims to build awareness amongst the pre-elementary, elementary, mid school students.

Project Goals

In order to achieve the sustainability of the Bosphorus and Sea of Marmara, our aim is to train two target groups which will train the target group of children. (8 university freshmen students which are directly related with marine and biodiversity subjects and 8500 science related teachers)

Grant year
FY14/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
Three years
October 2013 - September 2016
Grant amount
19,553,569 yen
Activity region
Istanbul, Turkey

Overview of the Organization

General Secretary : M. Akşit Özkural
General Secretary : M. Akşit Özkural
DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA was founded by Rahmi M. Koç and the Shipping Chamber of Commerce on April 8, 1994 with the objective of making the protection of our coasts and seas a national priority and creating a legacy of a sustainable Turkey for future generations. The Association has become a leading civil society movement in Turkey that is well-known for its successful projects both in the country and abroad. DenizTemiz Association/TURMEPA, which had 29 members at the time it was founded, currently has close to 1000 members of which 482 are corporations. The Association continues its endeavours to protect the 8,333-kmlong coasts of Turkey from Hopa to Iskenderun (including the islands) with the joint efforts of its branches, regional coordinators and significant number of volunteers. “The Declaration for the Protection of the Seas” heralded in 1995 has been supported in international platforms of esteemed organizations such as UNEP, IMO, The Club of Rome, ICS and IUCN. TURMEPA’s status as a non-profit organization was established by a Government decree dated June 19, 1996.
TURMEPA's mission is to contribute to the preservation of seas and coasts as a national priority and to create a country that has reached sustainable development goals for future generations.
Taking its strength from public support, TURMEPA's vision is to become the most effective force behind the implementation and execution of national and international laws and treaties for the protection of seas and coasts.
18 fulltime staff members and 859 members
Annual operating budget
100.55 million yen in FY13/3
Nakkaştepe, Azizbey Sokak, No: 32 , 34674 Kuzguncuk, Üsküdar, İstanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 216 310 93 01