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Darma Persada University (UNSADA) (recommended by overseas office)

Social development of Seriwe hamlet using renewable energy

Activity grant

Project Description
Seriwe hamlet lies in remote area in East of Lombok Island. It has no access to electricity and the clean waters are purchased from the neighborhoods villages at higher price. About 85% of the population earn less than US$ 0.82/day. The main livelihood of the hamlet is to grow seaweeds and after harvesting they have to dry seaweeds using direct sun shines which is susceptible to dirt and other foreign materials. It has however a potential source of renewable energy namely solar and wind are available all year round. The proposed activities are first to conduct detail survey to the hamlet to obtain new data on renewable energy sources and seaweeds production and later to provide the cooperative with, a power supply system using a combination of solar PV and wind power generation for a small seaweeds processing factory, a clean water supply facility, a hybrid solar dryer. In addition the project aims to increase the value added seaweeds production, to find the market of the finished products, to provide the necessary education and training for the operation/maintenance of these apparatuses and facilities. The activity also plans to transfer the factory management methods and to assist in getting access to financing institution to support the sound management. With accomplishment of those activities, the project establishes the local people with stable and low cost electricity, heat and clean water, new job opportunities, increasing their living level and leads to a welfare community. After the project completed it will expand to similar hamlets in other provinces by creating open lecture in the graduate school, workshop (site tour, seminar and training) and home pages.
Grant year
FY15/3 Activity Grants
Grant term
Three years
October 2014 - September 2017
Grant amount
22,501,000 yen
Activity region

Overview of the Organization

Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin ABDULLAH
Prof. Dr. Kamaruddin ABDULLAH
The Darma Persada University was established around 28 years by former Japanese University graduates. It has four Faculties, namely Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Marine Technology and one Graduate School. It is claimed to be the center of monozukuri and make it compulsory for their student to master three languages, namely, English, Japanese, and Indonesian. In 2010 the government of Indonesia officially approved the opening of a Graduate School on Renewable Energy, the only one program study available in Indonesia at the moment. The rationale behind the opening of the Graduate School was based on the fact that Indonesia is facing an energy crisis. Darma Persada University has taken a giant step to start opening the Graduate School Program in Renewable Energy in order to produce the necessary human resources, as capable professional engineers, consultants, capable policy makers and energy planners to develop those potential renewable energy sources. The main focus of the graduate school is to establish the E3i (Energy, Economy and Environment) independent community, in which local renewable energy sources are applied for the economic activity under sustainable environment.
Recent Activities
  • Application of LEAP (Long Range Energy Alternative Planning) system for economic development of Tangsi Jaya Village in West Java and Banyumeneng I Village, in Jogjakarta as the E3i village model.
  • The MP3Ei (The Acceleration and Expansion of Economic Development Master Plan) Project is a national project sponsored by the Directorate General of Higher Education, where DPU introduced the application of hybrid solar and wind energy for seaweeds drying in Ped hamlet in Nusa Penida, Bali, Seriwe hamlet in East Lombok and Tablolong hamlet in Timor, East Nusa Tenggara. These hybrid solar-wind dryer was designed and constructed by DPU and later installed at each hamlet.
  • Development of Proper Economic Modeling for improving the Indonesian Energy Strategy in selected Indonesian villages, a project sponsored by SEADI (Support for Economic Analysis Development in Indonesia) -USAID.(United States Agency for International Development) implemented in 2012-2013. The study includes Tangsi Jaya hamlet, in West Java, Banyumeneng I Hamlet, in Jogjakarta, and Seriwe Lombok Island.
  • Design and construction of continuous flow solar dryer for rough rice, a grant project appointed to DPU through the Directorate General of Higher Education. This project was conducted in 2012-2014.
  • Development of laboratory scale of OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion).
200 fulltime and 100 part-time staff members. 300 members.
Jl. Radin Inten II, Pondok Kelapa, East Jakarta, 13450
Tel: +62 21 8649060