Development Policy for Ohtemachi 1-Chome 2-Banchi Scheme (provisional name) Prepared

Dec. 11, 2014

Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui", Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Masami Iijima) and Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui Fudosan", Head Office: Tokyo, President and CEO: Masanobu Komoda) are currently carrying out studies concerning an integrated development scheme in the Ohtemachi 1-Chome 2-Banchi district ("the Project"). A development policy for the scheme has now been prepared. As a specified project in a National Strategic Special Zone located in Tokyo, the Project will require deliberations by the City Planning Council of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the agreement of the Council on National Strategic Special Zones, and approval by the Prime Minister.

The Project will involve the demolition and reconstruction of the Mitsui Head Office building, which is located in the project area, and the construction of a large-scale multi-purpose office complex by Mitsui and Mitsui Fudosan. Covering an area of over 20,000 square meters, it will be one of the biggest development schemes ever undertaken in the Ohtemachi-Marunouchi-Yurakucho (Daimaruyu) area. It will strengthen the capacity of the Daimaruyu area to function as one of Japan's key international business nerve centers. The Project will generate new vitality and augment the area's international exchange networks, while also forming an attractive urban space enhanced by a beautiful green environment made possible by a location adjoining the Imperial Palace. In addition, the project will contribute to urban regeneration by improving business continuity planning (BCP) functions and disaster preparedness in the area. The project is expected to enhance the attractiveness and international competitiveness of the Daimaruyu area and Tokyo as a whole.

Features of the Project

  1. Creation of a 6,000 square meters open space, including green areas—the biggest in the Ohtemachi area
  2. Vitalization through the development of wide-ranging exchange functions
  3. Updating of district heating and cooling systems, creation of a barrier-free pedestrian network
  4. Improvement of disaster-preparedness, community contribution

Artist's Impression of Exterior View

Artist's Impression of Exterior View

(1) Tower A
(2) Tower B

Ohtemachi 1-Chome 2-Banchi Scheme (provisional name)—Key Features and Development Policy

  1. Creation of 6,000 square meters of open space, including green areas, the biggest in the Ohtemachi area
    • The project will create an open space measuring approximately 6,000 square meters, including rich green areas adjoining the Imperial Palace. This relaxing and refreshing environment will allow people to experience a sense of nature in the heart of Tokyo.
    • Biodiversity will be a key consideration. A variety of habitats will be created, including wooded areas with indigenous species, and waterside spaces.
  2. Creation of vitality through the development of wide-ranging exchange functions
    • Business networking and international exchange functions will be strengthened through the construction of a multipurpose hall and foyer with an area of approximately 1,500 square meters. The vitality of the Daimaruyu area will be further enhanced through events designed to promote communication in various fields, including culture and the arts, and to foster networking among visitors to the area.
    • Luxury hotel operators will be encouraged to establish facilities in the area to increase accommodation capacity.
  3. Updating of district heating and cooling systems, creation of a barrier-free pedestrian network
    • District heating and cooling systems, which are essential to business continuity in the Ohtemachi area, will be updated without interrupting the operation of the main plant. Anti-inundation and anti-seismic systems will be strengthened, and CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 1,000 tons per year through the improvements of facility efficiency.
    • The convenience of urban infrastructure in the area will be made better through the creation of a barrier-free pedestrian network linking the subway concourse to the Imperial Palace and Takebashi area.
  4. Improvement of disaster-preparedness, community contribution
    • There will be temporary accommodation facilities for people who are prevented from traveling home (approximately 4,000 square meters, capacity for around 2,400 people), storage facilities for emergency supplies (approximately 250 square meters, 22,000 meals and other supplies), and emergency wells.
    • Emergency generating capacity will be provided by dual-fuel generators capable of operating on medium-pressure gas, which is less vulnerable to disaster-related supply cuts. There will also be sufficient heavy fuel oil to last for 72 hours in the event that medium-pressure gas supplies are interrupted.

Main Features (Cross-Section)

Main Features (Cross-Section)

(1) Tower A
(2) Tower B
(3) Accommodation
(4) Offices
(5) Offices
(6) Road boundary
(7) Large open space bordering Imperial Palace
(8) Uchibori Avenue
(9) Relocation of existing district heating/cooling facilities
(10) Emergency generators
(11) Multipurpose hall
(12) District heating/cooling facilities
(13) Banquet hall
(14) Transportation linkage space
(15) Parking
(16) Project site
(17) Storage for emergency supplies
(18) Ohtemachi Subway Station
(19) Hibiya Avenue
(20) Underground passageways
(21) Cogeneration system (building)
(22) Emergency generators
(23) Road boundary

Main Features (Plan)

Main Features (Plan)

(1) Network to Imperial Palace/Takebashi
(2) Nikkei Bldg.
(3) Large open space
(4) JA Bldg.
(5) Keidanren Bldg.
(6) Hibiya Ave.
(7) Ohtemachi B-2 District Scheme (provisional name)
(8) KDDI Bldg.
(9) Transportation interface area linking surface/subway systems
(10) Tower B
(11) Tower A
(12) Uchibori Ave.
(13) Activity space
(14) Transportation interface area
(15) Yomiuri Shinbun Bldg.
(16) Underground passageway
(17) Ohtemachi Bldg.
(18) Ohtemachi 1-1 Scheme
(19) By-Pass Route 158
(20) District heating/cooling facilities (updated)

Outline of Scheme

Project entities Mitsui, Mitsui Fudosan
Location 2, Ohtemachi 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Main uses Offices, retail outlets, multipurpose hall, foyer, hotel, banqueting hall, parking areas, district heating/cooling facilities
Site area 20,900 square meters
Floor area Approx. 361,000 square meters
Floors, height Tower A: 30 levels above ground, 5 basement levels (Approx. 160 meters)
Tower B: 41 levels above ground, 5 basement levels (Approx. 200 meters)
Completion Fiscal 2019



(1) Takebashi Stn. (Tozai Line)
(2) Tokyo Fire Dept.
(3) Nikkei Bldg.
(4) Keidanren Bldg.
(5) Chiyoda Line (Tokyo Metro)
(6) Marunouchi Line (Tokyo Metro)
(7) Ohtemachi B-2 District Scheme (provisional name)
(8) KDDI Bldg.
(9) Ohtemachi Financial City
(10) Ohtemachi Stn. (Marunouchi Line)
(11) Ohtemachi B-3 District Plan (provisional name)
(12) Hanzomon Line (Tokyo Metro)
(13) Ohtemachi Stn. (Hanzomon Line)
(14) Tozai Line (Tokyo Metro)
(15) Ohtemachi Tower
(16) Ohtemachi Stn. (Chiyoda Line)
(17) Scheme area
(18) Ohtemachi 1-1 Scheme (provisional name)
(19) Ote Moat
(20) Uchibori Ave.
(21) Yomiuri Shinbun Bldg.
(22) Wadakura Fountain Park
(23) Palace Hotel
(24) SMBC
(25) Ohtemachi Stn. (Mita Line)
(26) Mizuho Bank
(27) Hibiya Ave.
(28) Tokyo Stn. (Marunouchi Line)
(29) Shinmaru Bldg.
(29') Industry Club of Japan
       Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking
(30) Marunouchi OaZO
(31) Eiraku Bldg.
(32) Tokyo Stn. (JR)
(33) Sotobori Ave.
(34) Imperial Palace
(35) Special urban development zone (the Project)
       Daimaruyu District Development Scheme
       Main district development areas

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