Selected as one of the "Top 5%" in S&P Global's Sustainability Ratings

Feb. 24, 2023

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Mitsui was selected as one of the "Top 5%" companies in the S&P Global ESG Score 2022 by S&P Global, a U.S. organization that researches and evaluates ESG investment worldwide.

In the "Trading Companies and Distributors Industry" which we belong, one company was selected as the "Top 1%" and three companies including Mitsui were selected as one of the "Top 5%". We were selected as one of the "Top 5%" class with the highest evaluation in five categories of "Strategy for Emerging Markets" in the Economic Dimension, "Environmental Reporting" and "Operational Eco-Efficiency" in the Environmental Dimension, and "Social Reporting" and "Human Capital Development" in the Social Dimension.
We will continue our efforts to solve societal issues through our business activities, toward our goal of realizing a sustainable society that maintains a balance among economic, social, and global environmental aspects.

About the S&P Global ESG Score

Each year, S&P Global evaluates the sustainability of the world's leading companies from the three dimensions of economy, environment and society, and selects the "Top 1%", "Top 5%", and "Top 10%" of companies in each industry sector according to their scores within the top 15%. They also publish a Sustainability Yearbook(*) which summarizes the results of these assessments.
In 2022, more than 7,800 major global companies in 61 industries were evaluated.

*: Sustainability Yearbook2023

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