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Hachiro Project (NPO)

Developing an environmental learning program alongside university students for sustainability in the Lake Hachiro basin

Activity grant

Project Description

In collaboration with university students who have shown concern for Akita Prefecture's Lake Hachiro, this project will foster consideration and implementation of sustainabile community development in the Lake Hachiro Basin. The applicant group will oversee the participation of elementary school students in environmental education classes, the participation of junior high school through univeristy-level students in environmental learning programs and experiences, and the conducting of community activities in the Lake Hachiro basin area. These activities and experiences will contribute to the creation of an environmental learning program that is focused on developing human resources who can play an active role in the Lake Hachiro basin and overall environmental field. In creating such an environmental learning program focused on the Lake Hachiro basin, the experience-based program employed by Project WET will be used as a reference, and seminars for the acquisition of necessary qualifications will be held once a year. [No. K19-0031]

Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund FY2019 Activity Grants List (PDF 470KB)

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY2019 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years (April 2020 - March 2023)
Grant amount
Activity region
The Lake Hachiro basin, Akita Prefecture (Katagami City, Igawa Town, Hachirogata Town, Mitane Town, Ogata Village, etc.)
An aquarium being used for the restoration of aquatic plants in Hachirogata

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Yohei Kamada
Project organization
Hachiro Project (NPO)
Executive Director: Yohei Kamada
Establishment Purpose
The Hachiro Project's purpose is to develop human resources who can play a role in the future of Lake Hachiro through environmental learning, the construction of a basin network that connects Lake Hachiro and its residents, and the development of social entrepreneurs in the basin area.
Recent Activities
  1. Projects for implementing and supporting environmental learning in the Lake Hachiro basin
  2. Construction projects focused on a basin network that connects Lake Hachiro and its residents
  3. Social activities, creative business projects and the development of social entrepreneurs that contribute to the restoration of Lake Hachiro
  4. Educational activities and lectures on the restoration of Lake Hachiro
  5. Research activities focused on the restoration of Lake Hachiro
  6. Other business activities necessary for achieving the organization's purpose
Number of Full-time employees: 1 / Number of Part timers: 1 / Number of Members: 21(2 organizations)
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Voice of Representative
In Akita, which is an area affected by an aging society, I want to develop a sustainable Lake Hachiro basin by providing university students with experiences that relate to the region and its environment, and by bringing vitality to the region through activities intended to connect it with universities.