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Minami Soma Organization for Farmland Regeneration

Soso Rape Blossom Project: Putting a nuclear effected area at the forefront of clean energy and resource circulation

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Project Description

The Soso region in Fukushima Prefecture has suffered damage as a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake and contamination from the Fukushima nuclear accident. This led to the abandonment of large areas of farmland which prompted local residents to launch the Soso Rape Blossom Project to cultivate rapeseed. Using the biomas produced from the operation of this project, we will create clean energy along with liquid fertilizer that can be returned to the earth, and aim to create a cluster of facilities - "Yusai-no-sato" which visualize and experientialize resource circulation.
The project consists of "A. Basic Plan," "B. Tech Development (Generalization)," "C. Tech Verification (Environmental Load and Decontamination Effect)," and "D. Information Provision", and will formulate a "feasible" basic plan document. It will then aim to shift toward "Final Design," "Adjustment Operations," and "Operations Start." [No. K18-0090]

Mitsui & Co. Environment Fund FY2018 Activity Grants List (PDF 372KB)

Resource Circulation
Grant year
FY2018 Activity Grants
Grant term
2 years (April 2019 - March 2021)
Grant amount
Activity region
Fukushima Prefecture
A rapeseed field of Minami Soma that cultivates safe, domestic rapeseed without genetic modification.

Overview of the Organization

Representative: Kiyoshige Sugiuchi
Project organization
Minami Soma Organization for Farmland Regeneration
Representative Director: Kiyoshige Sugiuchi
Establishment Purpose
In order to rehabilitate farmland from radioactive contamination caused by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident, we grow edible crops, plan diversified use of the harvests, and rebuild destroyed communities in hopes of reviving local agriculture. In addition, the project contributes to the realization of a society based on recycling through its production of renewable energy using agricultural residues. The aim is to promote farmland regeneration and create a community built on the recycling of energy and resources.
Recent Activities
In cooperation with farmers in Minami Soma City, the plant produces, processes and sells edible rapeseed oil ("yuna") and related products that are resistant to radioactive contamination. While cooperating with local high schools, universities, administrations, research institutes, companies, and supporters from all over the country, the affected areas that have been devastated by the tsunami and radiation are given new life and vibrance. It is a citizen-led revival movement to restore life to the landscape and its inhabitants. Step by step, we aim to build an ideal resource-recycling society.
Number of Full-time employees: 3 / Number of Members: 38 (6 organizations)
Voice of Representative
The tsunami and ensuing radiation once deprived me, an organic farmer who pursued food safety, of my future. However, rapeseed taught me how to live here. I hope to connect the seeds of a society that coexists with nature to the next generation.