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The University of Tokyo Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics (CESD)    Associate Professor: Sachi-hiko Itoh

Understanding the state of consensus formation regarding the use of coastal sea areas in Iwate prefecture and dividing sea areas by ecosystem

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Project Description

Marine spatial plans are comprehensive plans for using sea areas that are formulated through discussions between stakeholders that use these areas and are an effective way of conserving seas and making the use of various marine resources sustainable. As of 2017, they had been introduced into 65 countries around the world. However, although they were referenced in Japan's Third Basic Plan on Ocean Policy, they have yet to be introduced in Japan. As a step toward implementing a marine spatial plan, this research aims to understand the status of consensus formation regarding the use of sea areas in Iwate prefecture in light of considerations concerning the installation of offshore wind turbines in coastal areas. It will also compare and analyze the division of sea areas based on methods including scientific surveys of current seas areas in order to contribute to incorporating expert natural science perspectives into the realization of the marine spatial plan. [No. R18-0037]

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Ecosystems and the Symbiotic Society
Grant year
FY2018 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years (April 2019 - March 2022)
Grant amount
Activity region
Iwate Prefecture coastal areas and coastal waters
Fishing port in North Sanriku where plans for offshore wind power are being considered

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor: Sachi-hiko Itoh
Project organization
The University of Tokyo Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute
The Center for Earth Surface System Dynamics (CESD)
Associate Professor: Sachi-hiko Itoh
Specialist field: Physical oceanography, Oceanography, Fisheries oceanography
Affiliated academic societies: The Oceanographic Society of Japan, The Japanese Society of Fisheries Oceanography, The American Geophysical Union, The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
Background: From 2002 he served as an assistant professor at the University of Tokyo's Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, and in 2010 he took office as an associate professor. In March of 2004, he was awarded a PhD from the University of Tokyo's School of Science.
Research record
  • Working on observational and numerical modeling of the structure and fluctuation mechanisms of oceanic vortices and fronts, as well as their impact on ecosystems.
  • Carrying out quantitative experiments and on-site sampling in order to discern the way ocean currents affect the transportation, growth, and survivability of fish egg hatchings from the perspective of connecting fisheries and oceans.
  • Conducting direct observation of seawater exchange as well as intensive surveying of shelf tides, focusing on the rich and diverse marine environment surrounding Sanriku Coast.
  • Having experience in researching and actualizing responsible appropriation of marine resources, this endeavor will seek to grapple with the issue of connecting literature with solutions for the coastal areas at hand.
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