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Introduction to Grant Projects

Forest Instructor Tokyo (FIT)

Maintaining the St. Paul High School model school forest and providing education on forest environments

Activity grant

Project Description

FIT has been maintaining the 20ha of model school forest owned by St. Paul High School in Kamiongata, Hachioji, Tokyo, and providing education on forest environments since 2004. Although the success of this work has been recognized and the project received a government subsidy in 2007, continued maintenance will be needed from 2008 onwards. The group will continue activities to conserve biodiversity in the forest and maintain it as a place that can be widely enjoyed by local students and residents.

Climate changePreservation of surface soil and forestsEnergy problemPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2007 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2008 - March 2011
Grant amount
4,800,000 yen
Activity region
20ha of model school forest owned by St. Paul High School in Kamiongata, Hachioji, Tokyo
Learning to make stakes using timber from forest thinning

Overview of the Organization

Seiji Ishii, Chairman
Seiji Ishii, Chairman
Establishment purpose
FIT was established as a venue where forestry instructors in Tokyo and the surrounding areas can exchange information, improve themselves through study, networking, and collaborative work, gain recognition for activities, and support their work through joint purchasing of tools and materials. The group's principles are:
  • (1) Forestry education - FIT members are guides.
  • (2) Forest culture - FIT members seek to coexist with the forest.
  • (3) Forest conservation - FIT members protect our abundant forests
Main areas of activity
Forests, green spaces, rivers, and public parks, primarily in Tokyo and surrounding areas
25 part-time staff members, 224 full members
Annual operating budget
790,000 yen in 2005, 820,000 yen in 2006, 1.21 million yen in 2007
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Recent activities
Hosting, co-hosting, and providing instruction by commission for events for school and university students, corporations, the elderly, and the general public, including tree planting in forests, plant and animal observation tours, forest environment education, forest building experiences, nature crafts, charcoal making, creating natural dyes, camps, and nature games.