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Introduction to Grant Projects

Terra People Association (NPO) Myanmar Representative    Project Manager: Kyoko Shibata

Analysis of the causes of environmental deterioration at Myanmar's Inle Lake, and the development of local resident-driven environmental improvement methods

Research grant

Project Description

Inle Lake — one of Myanmar's most prominent tourist attractions — is experiencing environmental deterioration due to pollution of the lake's water, sediment deposition, and other factors. Changes in the living habits and agricultural customs of the residents living on and around the lake are thought to be behind this environmental deterioration. However, there is almost no data to verify this.
Therefore, environmental research and environmental awareness surveys will be conducted, and remedies will be considered based on analysis of the findings. Furthermore, a pilot project will be conducted together with residents, in which the effectiveness of remedies will be evaluated, and more effective solutions will be established. This will be proposed as: "the Inle Lake model — a citizen participation type method for cyclic environmental improvement" [No. R16-0022]

Relationship between People and Society
Grant year
FY2016 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
From April 2017 to March 2020
Grant amount
7 million yen
Activity region
Inle Lake, Southern Shan State, Myanmar
River transport hindered by a rise in the lake bed

Overview of the Organization

Project Manager: Kyoko Shibata
Project Manager: Kyoko Shibata
Myanmar Representative
Terra People Association (NPO)
Area of specialty: Farm village development
CV (work history, academic qualifications): Currently midway through a doctorate at Toyo University Graduate School
Terra People Association, Myanmar Project Representative