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The Australian National University    Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Van Kien Nguyen (recommended by overseas office)

Promoting the floating rice-based agro-ecological farming systems for a healthy society and adaptation to climate changes in the Lower Mekong Region and Myanmar

Research grant

Project Description

This research aims to promote the floating rice-based farming systems in Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam for improving profitability, livelihood diversity, reusing of natural resources, nutrition for poor communities and maintaining ecosystem services. This research makes use of participatory action approach in the design and implementation of the project including (1) socio-economic studies and value chains for promoting floating rice farming systems, (2) community-based floating rice seed purification, (3) piloting the floating rice-based complementary dry season vegetable crops systems, (4) monitoring ecosystems services, (5) promoting chemical free rice, (6) disseminating research findings and (7) publishing research results in policy briefs and journals. In the stakeholder workshop of June 2016, the proposed research project was considered as priority of national and local governments in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. [No. R16-0701]

Ecosystems and the Symbiotic Society
Grant year
FY2016 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years
From April 2017 to March 2019
Grant amount
AUD 319,872
Activity region
Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar An Giang and Dong Thap provinces, Mekong Delta
Women and men engaged in floating rice harvest, by using sickles - a common harvesting practice in the region

Overview of the Organization

Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Van Kien Nguyen
Postdoctoral Research Fellow: Van Kien Nguyen
The Australian National University
Area of specialty: Conservation Agriculture and sustainable farming system analysis
Academic affiliation: Fenner School of Environment and Society, The Australian National University, Australia
Director of Research Center for Rural Development, An Giang University, Vietnam
CV (work history, academic qualifications): Dr Van Kien Nguyen is a social and environmental scientist whose research focuses on promoting social agro-ecology and conservation agriculture in the Mekong region. Dr Van Kien Nguyen has promoting conservation of floating rice agro-ecological farming systems in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam since early 2013 up to now.
Recent Activities
  • Nguyen, V. K., & Pittock, J. (2016). Floating rice in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar: The Australian National University and An Giang University.
  • Liao, K.-H., Le, A. T., & Nguyen, K. V. (2016). Urban design principles for flood resilience: Learning from the ecological wisdom of living with floods in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta. Landscape and Urban Planning. doi:
  • Nguyen, K. V., Dumaresq, D., & Howe, C. (2016). Dike Compartments: Case Studies in Water Governance, Farming Systems and Adaptation to Water-regime Changes in An Giang Province, Mekong Delta, Vietnam. In B. D.J.H & R. L. (Eds.), Dynamics of Water Governance in the Mekong Region. Fifth volume in the Mekong Program on Water, Environment and Resilience (M-POWER) series. Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, Malaysia: Selangor.
  • Nguyen, K. V., V. O. Vo and D. N. Huynh (2015). "Comparing the costs and benefits of floating rice-based and intensive rice-based farming systems in the Mekong Delta." Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development 5(9): 202-217.
  • Nguyen, K. V. and H. James (2013). "Measuring Household Resilience to Floods: A Case Study in the Vietnamese Mekong River Delta." Ecology and Society 18. (times cited is 9).
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