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Institute for Sustainability and Peace, United Nations University Senior Programme Officer Srikantha Herath

Comparative research on optimal developmental strategies in consideration of policies for adaptation to climate change in the Asia Pacific Region

Research grant

Project Description

This research pertains to practical aspects of implementing adaptive policies appropriate for developing countries. Focusing on food production and disaster mitigation, it is intended to serve as a foundation upon which to implement policies for adaption to climate change in four Asian countries. In cooperation with each, we construct a weather prediction modeling system that is applicable at the bureau level; and, based on it, we propose measures for minimizing potential risks presented by climate change. On a long-term perspective, we hope to enhance regional capabilities and to bring adaptive policymaking into the mainstream of national development planning for the next generation.

Climate change
Grant year
FY2008 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2009 - March 2012
Grant amount
35,000,000 yen
Activity region
Asia, centered on Vietnam (Mekong Delta) and Sri Lanka
Networking conference on climate change adaptation, Tokyo, June 2009

Overview of the Organization

Senior Programme Officer Srikantha Herath
Senior Programme Officer Srikantha Herath
Specialist fields
Climate change modeling, civil engineering
Affiliated academic societies
Japan Society of Civil Engineers; Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources; International Association of Hydrological Sciences
Ph. D. (civil engineering), School of Engineering, University of Tokyo; assumed current position as Academic Programme Officer, United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace, following positions at: the Asian Institute of Technology; Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.; and Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo.
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Collaborating researchers
Professor S. B. Weerakoon, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of Peradeniya (Sri Lanka); Professor Guillermo Q. Tabios III, Head, National Hydraulic Research Center, University of the Philippines (Philippines); Professor Uruya Weesakul, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Tammasart University (Thailand); Professor Tran Thuc (Vietnam); Shimako Takahashi, Research Fellow, United Nations University; Wang Yi; same
Research record
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  • (2) Herath S., Gunawardena S., Dias D., Pieris A. (2006) "Development of a low-cost, remotely controlled adaptive response rainfall observation system", Proceedings of the 3rd APHW International Conference, October 16-18, 2006, Bangkok.
  • (3) Swain, D. K. S. Herath, A. Pathirana, R. Shibasaki, and R.N. Dash (2005) Simulating the impact of climatic change on rice yield under rainfed lowland situation. In. 35th Biological Systems Simulation Conference, April 19-21, 2005, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
  • (4) Herath S., (2007) Small hydropower in the context of climate change, Invited Lecture, International Conference on Small Hydropower, Proc. Hydro Sri Lanka (ed. S. B. Weerakoon and Tore Jorgensen), pp 1-6.