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Kusunoki Shizenkan

Shigetomi Beach Consortium Project

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Project Description

Kagoshima Bay in which the Kuroshio Current flows was formerly an abundant fishing area. However, in recent years, hauls of fish have been decreasing. It is thought that one cause is deteriorating water quality due to reduction of mudflats, which have clarification functions. However, the actual cause remains unclear. This organization located around the Shigetomi mudflats, Kagoshima was formed by the mudflat nature guide "Katamori." Dissemination and awareness-raising on mudflat conservation was conducted through observation meetings and survey research. However, as this work was limited to the activities of a single NGO, improvements to the environment did not proceed as envisaged. In this context, this NPO aims to create a network linking industry, governmental actors, acadamics and citizens through its own activities. These five parties will collaborate jointly with the aim of deploying a project to regenerate the Shigetomi mudflats, the sea, and the coastline. In addition, it will conduct regular environmental education to teach ordinary citizens about the mudflats, and create sustainable environmental conservation systems.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2005 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
January 2006 - December 2008
Grant amount
6,650,000 yen
Activity region
Throughout Kagoshima Bay, focused on the Shigetomi mudflats and the coast of Kagoshima, Aira Town, Aira District Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan
Researching living creatures at Shigetomi in tripartite collaboration among academics, citizens and NPO

Overview of the Organization

Yoshiteru Tateyama, President
Yoshiteru Tateyama, President
Establishment purpose
This organization conducts projects relating to planning and administration of events such as nature, environmental, nature, outdoor, and regional cultural education for a wide scope of people from children to adults, including people with disabilities. It creates platforms for fruitful encounters between people and nature, as well as with other people and sharing of information, with the aims of raising awareness on how people can live harmoniously with nature and conserving the natural environment.
Main areas of activity
Throughout Japan with a focus on Kagoshima Prefecture
5 full-time staff members, 15 part-time staff members, and 10 full members.
Annual operating budget
18.78 million yen in 2005, 25.77 million yen in 2006, 19.12 million yen in 2007
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Recent activities
This organization conducts activities in the following 8 projects to achieve its goals
  • (1) Implementation of an environment and nature learning program and information collection and provision.
  • (2) Provision of outdoor nature activities which targets from children to adults, including the elderly, and those with disabilities.
  • (3) Implementation of a program for international understanding through information gathering and dissemination as well as international cooperation.
  • (4) Cultivation of human resources for environmental learning
  • (5) Academic research and surveys for environmental learning
  • (6) Support for mutual information exchange and activities of members related to environmental learning.
  • (7) Support for planning of lively communities including urban and rural planning.
  • (8) Welfare support for people with disabilities.