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Clean and Green Foundation (recommended by overseas office)

Cultivating seedlings and planting native trees

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Project Description

Philippines has a diverse ecosystem, and the presence of non-native species of trees in a significant threat for native species habitat loss. Based on support of local communities, this organization collects seeds and seedlings of native species which are continuing to decline and cultivates seedlings, conducts tree planting in parks, roadsides and schools, among other activities, in Metropolitan Manila, the central part of Luzon Island, and Southern Tagalog. Rather than just the recovery of greenbelts, it aims to preserve the diverse native trees of the Philippines and maintain a healthy balance of native trees and non-native species in their natural state. They have already implemented scientific surveys on native and non-native species and collected sample seeds and seedlings from respective regions, to cultivate in for example important banks of trees on the basis of support of local authorities. In addition, they conclude cooperative relationships and agreements among governmental bodies, local authorities, the army, and citizens to build native tree museums, and parks areas, among others. Furthermore, they conduct educational activities for children with the cooperation of schools to give opportunities to encounter native trees.

Preservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2007 Activity Grants
Grant term
1 year
July 2007 - June 2008
Grant amount
2,480,833 yen
Activity region
The Philippines

Overview of the Organization

Chief of Secretariat Imelda P. Samiento
Establishment Purpose
This organization aims to conduct activities to preserve, foster and convey to the next generation the diverse native trees which are an important national heritage.
Main activity regions
The Philippines
Recent activities
This organization's comprehensive tree planting program "TREES4Life" engages in activities such as the below.
  • (1) Research on the negative impacts of introduction of non-native species on ecosystems in the Philippines
  • (2) Scientific surveys of native trees which are decreasing due to felling
  • (3) Cultivation of seeds and seedlings of native trees gathered with the cooperation of local communities, regional authorities, and so on.
  • (4) Building cooperative ties among governmental bodies, regional authorities, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, property developers and private enterprise to secure space for parks, etc. in which to plant native trees.
  • (5) Environmental education about native trees for the younger generation.