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Kyushu University Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences Professor Jun Tanimoto

Constructing coordinated schemes considering the emergence of environmental awareness and changes to sustainable lifestyle choices in large towns and suburbs that surround major cities

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Project Description

Using the towns and suburbs of major cities with large populations of over 100,000 people as case studies, this research predicts the scenarios for the feasibility of low-carbon regional community systems. Specifically, using energy conservation plans formulated by government institutions as a foundation, it builds coordinated schemes and makes predictions that consider transformations in resident lifestyles including, changes in resident characteristics that take place alongside shifts in demographics, future trends concerning the specifications for devices in use, and the further permeation of a more energy-conserving lifestyle.

Climate changeEnergy problem
Grant year
FY2009 Research Grants
Grant term
1 year
April 2010 - March 2011
Grant amount
1,106,000 yen
Activity region
Conceptual diagram of total utility demand prediction systems

Overview of the Organization

Professor Jun Tanimoto
Professor Jun Tanimoto
Specialist Field
Urban Environmental Engineering
Affiliated academic societies
Architectural Institute of Japan, The Society of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Sanitary Engineering, etc.
Assistant, Tokyo Metropolitan University. Lecturer, Waseda University Research Institute for Science and Engineering. Lecturer, Kyushu University Graduate School. Assistant Professor, Kyushu University Graduate School. Currently a Doctor of Engineering.
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Collaborative researchers
Aya Hagishima, Associate Professor, University Graduate School
Research record
Has produced over 190 papers, including papers hat have been published in top physics and biology journals such as Physical Review E, Journal of Theoretical Biology, etc. He is the author of 7 books. He has also been awarded the Society of Heat, Air-Conditioning, and Sanitary Engineering Award, a Japan Architectural Award honorable mention, an Architectural Institute of Japan award and the IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation Best Paper Award