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Kyoto University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Associate Professor Masanaga Mori

Environmental financial mechanisms to achieve sustainable society in East Asia

Research grant

Project Description

This research investigates financial mechanisms that encourage and obstruct the realization of developed and sustainable societies within economic development models that already exist within East Asia, based on the state of East Asian economic development models and financial mechanisms, and aims to highlight how to improve these in order to achieve sustainable societies. This research will show which financial mechanisms should be implemented in East Asia and illustrate the differences and unique issues faced in East Asia when compared to the conditions required for their implementation in Western Europe.

Grant year
FY2008 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2009 - March 2012
Grant amount
27,720,000 yen
Activity region
East Asia
Environmental financial mechanisms to achieve sustainable society in East Asia

Overview of the Organization

Associate Professor Masanaga Mori
Associate Professor Masanaga Mori
Specialist field
Environmental economics, Development economics, Development assistance theory
Affiliated academic societies
Society of Environmental Economics & Policy, Japan Finance Society, International Development Association, International Public Economics Association
Shiga University Faculty of Economics, Assistant Professor; Kyoto University Doctor (Economics), October 2002.
Collaborative Researchers
Soocheol Lee, Professor, Meijo University. Li-Chun Chen, Associate Professor Yamaguchi University. Ma Zhong President, Renmin University of China. Kazuhiro Ueda, Professor, University of Tohoku. Kim Il-Chung, Professor, Dongguk University. Daigee Shaw, Professor, Chung-Hua Institute of Economic Research. Le Thi Kim Oahn, University of Da Nang, Associate Professor, University of Technology. Jin Hong Shi, PhD student, Kyoto University
Research record
  • (1) Masanaga Mori (Ed.), "Economic Development & Envrionment Policy in East Asia", Minerva Press, 2009. This research analyzes qualitatively and quantitatively what economic and environmental issues the mainly exports-based industrialization adopted as part of East Asia's development strategy in a globalized society has caused and what policies can be used to deal with these.
  • (2) Masanaga Mori, Kazuhiro Ueda, Yumi Yamamoto (Editors), "Chinese Environmental Policy: Current Anaylsis, Quantitative Evaluation, and Environmental ODA Loans", Kyoto University Press, 2008. Research into the changes and destination of Chinese environmental policy and a quantitative assessment of the ODA loan's effect on improvement in air and water pollution.