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Omotehama Network

Investigation into the influence of coastal structures on the landing and spawning of loggerhead turtles and examination of countermeasures ~by looking at turtle tracks~

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Project Description

The loggerhead turtle is an endangered species found on the Japan coast, which is the only egg-laying site in the North Pacific area. Depending on large typhoons or abnormal tide levels, artificial structures such as wave-dissipating concrete blocks, etc., on sandy beaches are exposed, and become an obstacle for the sea turtles to spawn. To conserve a fundamental part of the marine ecosystem, and the loggerhead turtles' reproductive habitat, we will track and measure travel marks left in the sand when the turtle lands on the beach, and investigate the influence of coastal structure on the sea turtle to recommend measures to the government. Specifically, about 14km of the Aichi coastline will be investigated, including turtle tracks measured, records made about the surrounding environment, the transplantation of nests and the risks of spilling or damage, analysis of image data from the accumulated turtle tracks, and a report compiled on the findings.

Climate changePreservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2008 Activity Grants
Grant term
1 year
October 2008 - September 2009
Grant amount
2,062,880 yen
Activity region
Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Measuring turtle tracks on the Omotehama Coast, Aichi Prefecture

Overview of the Organization

Chief Director, Yuji Tanaka
Chief Director, Yuji Tanaka
Establishment purpose
There is a breeding ground for endangered species, the loggerhead turtle, on the Enshuunada Coast. From Japan's leading agricultural zone, if the wide sandy beach is followed through gradual sand dunes and sea cliffs, one of Japan's rarest beaches is found. However, this rich coast is being lost due to changes in the environment. For the conservation of organism biodiversity, this project was established with the aim of solving this problem using the loggerhead turtle as an environmental indicator.
Main areas of activity
Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
3 full-time members, 10 full members
Annual operating budget
1,390,000 yen in 2005, 3,050,000 yen in 2006, 2,440,000 yen in 2007
Recent activities
  • (1) Loggerhead turtle investigation: Survey of the situation of landing, egg laying, and hatching. Record the tracks of the turtle and the surrounding environment, to conserve the ecosystem.
  • (2) Sandy beach recovery project: create a fence, using the strong winds during winter for shoreline maintenance activities. Citizens make efforts to hand create a sandy beach for the loggerhead turtles who come to spawn.
  • (3) Omotehama excursion: Training trip with experts along the cliff; walks along the cliff whilst looking at the current situations and problems of the coast. Our association will guide, discuss the coasts coastal managers and users with experts, and alongside this introduce the properties of the area, the people who live in the area, the regions cultural history and industry.
  • (4) Omotehama symposium: We will hold a lecture on the theme of Omotehama coast and the years activities.