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Introduction to Grant Projects

Coral Okinawa (NPO)

Encouraging the diversification of coral groups in the seas around the Okinawa Islands using coral larvae implantation tools

Activity grant

Project Description

Coral groups in the seas around the Okinawa Islands have been declining due to bleaching since 1998. This project aims to restore ecosystems by introducing diversity into these coral groups. Coral larvae will be implanted into habitats around Aka Island in the Kerama Islands, which support a diverse range of coral, using an implantation tool and timed to match when all coral species release their eggs. This coral will be cultivated for one year after which it will be transplanted to the seas around the Okinawa Islands. The transplantation will be conducted under various conditions and will be monitored. Seminars on the project will also be held.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2007 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
July 2007 - June 2010
Grant amount
6,120,000 yen
Activity region
Okinawa Islands, and Aka Island, Kerama islands, Japan
Planting coral in the seas around the Okinawa Islands

Overview of the Organization

Shoji Yamazato, Director
Shoji Yamazato, Director
Establishment purpose
To transplant coral with the aim of conserving and restoring coral reefs. It also aims to cultivate human resources with the knowledge and skills to restore and conserve coral reefs, actively share coral larvae production and coral planting techniques with the wider world, create opportunities for more people to think about the connection between coral reefs and their own living environments through reef restoration and conservation activities, and improve environmental awareness.
Main area of activity
Okinawa Prefecture
10 part-time staff members, 50 full members
Annual operating budget
250,000 yen in 2005, 3.8 million yen in 2006, 6.2 million yen in 2007
Recent activities
  • (1) Coral planting activities: 2,000 groups in 2007
  • (2) Environmental education: coral planting experience program for children and the general public in Okinawa and other areas, and marine nature observation tours and seminars
  • (3) Information sharing: participated in 10 Japan Coral Reef Society meetings, an ICRI Tokyo meeting, and Eco Style Fair 2007 among other events in 2007