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The University of Tokyo, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, Microbiology Lab, Professor Atsushi Tsuda

Study on the influence of the tsunami on Otsuchi Bay's ecosystem including the recovery process

Research grant

Project Description

Due to the tsunami, it is thought that there was an outflow of substrates (sand and rock) and organisms from the reef and sandy coastal ecosystem, which are important habitats for fishery resources in the Sanriku region. This research is conducted in Otsuchi Bay, Iwate Prefecture, periodically conducting surveys relating to the environment, plankton and diving in order to clarify the damages and recovery process of important aquatic creatures and recommend the appropriate measures for the release of seedlings, reclaiming fishing grounds and reconstructing aquatic facilities.

Marine resources/foodPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years and 9 months
July 2011 - March 2014
Grant amount
24,183,000 yen
Activity region
Otsuchi Bay, Iwate Prefecture
Observation of water sampling in the inner part of Otsuchi Bay. Water sampling is analysed by nutrient salt and bacteria count as well as phytoplankton composition.

Overview of the Organization

Professor Atsushi Tsuda
Professor Atsushi Tsuda
Specialist Field
Marine biology
Affiliated academic societies
The Oceanographic Society of Japan, The Plankton Society of Japan, The Ecological Society of Japan
Background (Employment and Academic)
Graduated from Hokkaido University Faculty of Fisheries Sciences in 1982, Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Africulture and Life Sciences with a doctorate in Agriculture in 1987, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute in 1988 and the Head of the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute Fisheries Research Centre in 1996, Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute in 2003 and Professor at The University of Tokyo Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute in 2011
Research achievements
  • (1) Ecological study of zooplankton inhabiting the ocean to be conducted mainly in the subarctic Pacific Ocean (Oyashio Current) clarifying the life history of major species and revealing that it is strongly related to the carbon cycle in the sea area.
    Tsuda et al. (1999) Mar Biol, 135,Kobari et al. (2003) Prog Oceanogr 57, Tsuda et al. (2004) Fish Oceanogr 12
  • (2) An international project piloted to clarify empirically the presence or absence of carbon dioxide absorption, resource renewal and changes in the structure of the ecosystem.
    Tsuda et al. (2003) Science 300, Boyd et al. (2004) Nature 428, Tsuda et al. (2007) J Oceanogr 63