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Introduction to Grant Projects

National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan, Centre for Environmental Biology and Ecosystem Studies, Research fellow, Daisuke Hayasaka

Establish a resilience model for coastal ecosystems affected by tsunamis - consideration of biodiversity for environmental conservation management in coastal areas

Research grant

Project Description

The purpose of this research is to accumulate basic data related to the dynamic state and recovery mechanism of coastal ecosystems using vegetation from the tsunami area as an indicator. By using Iwate Prefecture, which has a high coast resource value, as a model region we will create a coastal ecosystem resilience (recovery) model by integrating field data based on on-site monitoring and spatial analysis data from GIS. As a result, we are creating an ecosystem conservation map to be used as base data for future coastal zone environment conservation management (reconstruction plan).

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years and 3 months
July 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
9,998,956 yen
Activity region
Entire coastal area of Iwate Prefecture (one part includes Aomori Prefecture)
Coastal vegetation survey landscape

Overview of the Organization

Research fellow, Daisuke Hayasaka
Research fellow, Daisuke Hayasaka
Specialist field
Ecology, Vegetation Science
Affiliated academic societies
British Ecological Society, Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, The Ecological Society of Japan, The Society of Vegetation Science, The Japanese Society of Revegetation Technolog, The Society for the study of Phytogeography and Taxonomy
Background (employment and academic)
Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences, Doctoral course completed in March 2006, construction consultant at Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. from April 2006 to March 2010, Research fellow at the National Institute for Environmental Studies from April 2010, Part time lecturer at Kyushu Sangyo University Department of Engineering from April to July 2010
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Joint Researchers
Iwate Prefectural University, Naoki Shimada, Lecturer, Kagoshima University, Associate Professor, Masahiro Kawanishi
Resarch Achievements
Research into the influence of environmental change on biodiversity regardless of whether it is natural or artificial
  • (1) Hayasaka D. et al., Recovery of sandy beach and maritime forest vegetation on Phuket Island (Thailand) after the major Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. Applied Vegetation Science, 12, 211-224, 2009
  • (2) Hayasaka D. et al. The relationship between microenvironment of mangrove forests and epiphytic fern species richness along the Pan Yi River, Thailand. Journal of Tropical Forest Science, (in press)
  • (3) Hayasaka D. et al., Qualitative variation in roadside weed vegetation along an urban-rural road gradient. Flora, (in press)
  • (4) Hayasaka D. et al., Differences in ecological impacts of systemic insecticides with different physicochemical properties on biocenosis of experimental paddy fields. Ecotoxicology, (in press)