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Sakaemura Network

Project to draw up and implement a resident-driven Sakaemura and model settlement reconstruction vision and plan

Activity grant

Project Description

The resident-initiated formulation and implementation of a disaster reconstruction plan in Sakaemura that was damaged by the Northern Nagano earthquakes (EDS: of 2011 and 2014), based on the axis of village reconstruction, amidst the situation where government earthquake responses have gone no further than restoring the situation original conditions. Specifically, (1)draw up a Sakaemura disaster reconstruction vision and a recovery plan by the residents, themselves, and host a recovery vision informal group made up of residents and specialists, and a meeting of specialist support groups. Village reconstruction activities will be supported with two of the villages (Aokura and Otaki), that suffered particularly severe damage, as model settlements. Three activities will be carried out: the restoration and use of traditional Japanese-style houses, the construction of public halls and public housing along with the conservation of the village landscape and field improvement projects, the rejuvenation of exchanges with the cities, and publishing of a PR magazine.

Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years and 6 months
April 2011 - September 2014
Grant amount
19,684,000 yen
Activity region
Sakaemura, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Villagers spontaneously gather and discuss their disaster reconstruction vision.

Overview of the Organization

Toshiyuki Higuchi, Executive Director
Toshiyuki Higuchi, Executive Director
Establishment purpose
To develop the natural resources and culture of the village and reveal its traditions and develop new industry, and conduct activities related to city - village exchange and contribute to the town creation and development of Sakaemura for those who live in Sakaemura, as well as those with an interest in the village.
Major areas of activity
Sakaemura, Nagano Prefecture.
Staff numbers
2 fulltime, 1 part time, with 35 regular members.
Annual Business Operations: (Current Revenue)
FY 2008, 0 yen, FY 2009, 539 million yen, FY 2010, 0 yen
Otaki Reconstruction Project Team
Major activities
  • 1, Activities designed to uncover the treasures of Sakaemura, and expand hands on experiences, exchanges and sightseeing
  • 2, Activities designed to promote the production of the agricultural products, processed products and souvenirs of Sakaemura, and develop and expand sales routes for the same.
  • 3, Activities designed to promote and support the settlement of young people.