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Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center, Research division, Chief Researcher Genki Terauchi

Reviving the fishing industry in the Tohoku region by remotely sending data to create a map displaying reconstruction support and damage to seaweed bed

Research grant

Project Description

Seaweed beds are an important foundation of coastal fisheries in the Tohoku region, but little has been done to address and understand the serious damage was caused by the Great Eastern Japan earthquake and tsunami. Our aim is to aid the recovery of the fishing industry on the Tohoku coastline and support the regeneration of seaweed beds in afflicted areas. To do this, our research will use remote sensing technology to grasp the scale of the seabed situation, and in addition to grasping the damage caused in the afflicted areas, share the information necessary for restoration and recovery with local constituent groups.

Marine resources/foodPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years and 9 months
July 2011 - March 2014
Grant amount
27,033,520 yen
Activity region
Seaweed bed on the coast of Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Changes in the sea weed bed in the Higashimatsushima area in the northeastern part of Matsushima Bay before and after the earthquake
Left: Algae distribution map estimated from artificial satellite image before earthquake. The amamo field (green) and the cultivation rafts (the black lines) were confirmed.
Right: Algae distribution map estimated from satellite images after the earthquake.

Overview of the Organization

Chief Researcher Genki Terauchi
Chief Researcher Genki Terauchi
Specialist field
Monitoring and evaluation of marine environment by artificial remote sensors
Affiliated academic societies
The Oceanographic Society of Japan
In March 1999, graduated from Hosei University's Faculty of Engineering and Design's Department of Agriculture. In April 1999, joined I.O Data Corporation. In April 2003, joined the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy as a researcher, until June 2004, when a post of researcher was taken at the Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center. In April 2007, entered a Doctorate program at Nagasaki University Graduate School of Production Science.
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Collaborating researchers
Komatsu Akihisa, Associate Professor, Associate and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo and NPO Kanagawa Pioneer Station, Chief Director, Yokohama Yasutsugu
Research record
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