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Toshiyuki Kadoma, Chairman (Professor) at Tokyo University of Agriculture Graduate School Department of Agricultural Science

Research on farming system innovations and the creation of a support organization in areas affected by the tsunami and radiation

Research grant

Project Description

This research project combines agricultural economics, agribusiness management, marketing and geographical information systems (GIS), to investigate urgent issues in areas affected by the earthquake, tsunami and radiation (gaining a concise understanding of tsunami damage, economic evaluation regarding the effects and benefits of repairing salt-damaged paddy fields, evaluation of the impact of reputation damage caused by harmful rumors about local agricultural produce - and measures to prevent such rumors, and the creation of new regional agricultural production systems and establishment of a support system).

Grant year
FY2011 Research Grants
Grant term
2 years and 3 months
July 2011 - September 2013
Grant amount
20,402,570 yen
Activity region
Soma City, Fukushima
Meetings with the Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre and the survey team

Overview of the Organization

Chairman (Professor)Toshiyuki Kadoma
Chairman (Professor)Toshiyuki Kadoma
Specialist field
Agricultural economics, Agrobusiness management, Rural planning studies
Affiliated academic societies
Agricultural Economics Society of Japan, Farm Management Society of Japan, (Currently: Chairman), Association for Rural Planning (Currently: Councillor), Society of Practical Integrated Agricultural Sciences (Director)
Background (career, education)
Graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture Faculty of Agriculture in 1972, and joined the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Acquired a doctorate in agriculture in 1984 (Thesis title: Econometric studies on the structure of beef demand and market response). After working as senior researcher, research laboratory leader, and senior research officer at the National Agricultural Research Center for Tohoku Region, he became a professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture from 1999, and retains this position today. He began in his current role in 2008, after becoming Vice Dean in 2004 and Director General of the General Research Institute in 2006.
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Research partners
Tokyo University of Agriculture Professor Masayuki Hirao; Tokyo University of Agriculture Associate Professor Yukio Shibuya; Tokyo University of Agriculture Special Researcher Takahiro Yamada; Tokyo University of Agriculture Assistant Professor Hijiri Shimojima; Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre, Hamachi Area Research Center Director Yoichi Munamura, Fukushima Agricultural Technology Centre Management & Farming Director Masaaki Susuki
Research results
  • (1) "The structure of beef demand and market response", sole author, Meibun Shobo, 1984
  • (2) "Agricultural production planning and forecasting using computers - basic edition, advanced edition" sole author, Meibun Shobo, 1987
  • (3) "Econometric analysis of changes in beef carcass prices by grade - Evaluation of effects of increases in beef import volumes, Agricultural Economic Research" (The newsletter of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan) Volume 60 Issue 1 pp. 1-13, 1988.
  • (4) Farmer awareness regarding regional development agreements and actions - rules on decisions and factors associated with the selection of participation attitudes - Agricultural Economic Research "(The newsletter of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan) Volume 60 Issue 3, pp.154-165, December 1996.
  • (5) Behavior in Agribusiness Management, joint authorship, Association of Agriculture and Forestry Statistics, 1999.
  • (6) "TN Act - Community participation in regional development", sole author, Ie-no-hikari Association, 2001.
  • (7) "Biobusiness - Journal of successful business cases", issued every year from 2002, Ie-no-hikari Association (joint authorship)
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  • (9) "Mountain village resources, economics and cultural systems, and the leader of their revitalization—The challenge taken on by Yamagata town in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture", Edited, Agriculture and Forestry Statistics Publishing Inc., 2011.
More than 120 thesis entries in academic society journals, 42 entries in academic books
Winner of the Agricultural Economics Society of Japan Award, the Agricultural Economic Society of Tohoku Award, the Japanese Journal of Agricultural Economics Award, the Association for Rural Planning Award, and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award