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Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds

Clarification of the migratory routes taken by the little tern (Sterna albifrons) in Asia and Oceania and education about their protection

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Project Description

The little tern is a migratory bird that is listed as a Class II endangered species in the Ministry of Environment's Red List. Based on bilateral migratory bird agreements, it also designated in the International Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. In addition concerns about the species' survival due to the bird's poor reproductive success rate, its migratory route, which is essential to preserving this sea bird, is also unknown. In this project, with cooperation between Japan and Australia, we will identify the migratory route in Asia and Oceania. Based on past nesting sites, together with information on where the birds gather before migration, we will map out the areas that are important for conservation and will call internationally for the bird's protection.

Preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2012 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2012 - September 2015
Grant amount
10,850,000 yen
Activity region
Tokyo Bay; Tenryu River, Shizuoka Prefecture; Osaka Bay, Niigata coast and Australia
Parent birds feeding their chicks

Overview of the Organization

Minoru Yajima, Representative Director
Minoru Yajima, Representative Director
Establishment Purpose
The purpose of this project is to: 1) widely spread knowledge and information about the protection of wild animal species, including birds, among the Japanese people; 2) promote such protection; and 3) help to build a society in which people and wild animal species, including birds, can coexist and where the biodiversity of the natural environment can be protected.
Main regions of project activity
Japan and Australia
8 full-time staff members, 3 part-time staff members, 2000 full members
Annual operating budget
142.84 million yen in 2009, 86.72 million yen in 2010, 178.91 million yen in 2011
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Affiliated organizations
Mizutori Kenkyuukai, NPO Little Tern Project, Queensland Wader Study Group
Main activities
Work closely with nature conservation organizations both in Japan and abroad, provide opinions to the National Assembly, the government and other related organizations to help establish policies to protect wildlife and ensure their proper implementation. During Bird Week we carry out bird protection nationwide, and award individuals and groups who have worked for wildlife protection. In addition, given the various problems concerning wildlife protection, we will conduct survey research, and conduct educational and information spreading campaigns to foster the spirit of wildlife protection and care for nature.