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Introduction to Grant Projects

Senior Nature College (NPO), Nara People and Nature Association

Development and utilization of woodlands in urban areas

Activity grant

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to take advantage of woodlands in urban areas in the modern era by not overlooking abandoned areas and making the effort to restore them so that woodland natural areas that have maintained an old history and culture can be passed on to the next generation. Specifically, we will classify 17ha in Saki-cho, Narasaka-cho, Hokkeji-cho, and Horen-cho in Nara City into the four districts of the Woodland Preservation District, the Narayama Irodorino Forest, Narayama Nature Preservation District, and the Saho Natural Forest, and rebuild distinctive woodlands that can be utilized in the modern era.

Preservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2011 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2012 - March 2015
Grant amount
4,000,000 yen
Activity region
Saki-cho, Narasaka-cho, Hokkeji-cho, and Horen-cho in Nara City, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Regular curriculum seven times per year of learning and practice consisting of rice planting, tillering, and aquatic life studies

Overview of the Organization

Hidenori Fujita, Chairperson
Hidenori Fujita, Chairperson
Establishment year
Establishment purpose
The Senior Nature College was established to give an opportunity to seniors freed from their work commitments to learn about nature. Nara People and Nature Association was established as a regional organization for graduates of this college to gather and enjoy the great outdoors. The association conducts activities with a focus on diligent studies and practice in order to leave a more abundant natural environment for future generations in an aim to contribute to regional society. At the same time, our motto is to improve the character of members, deepen friendship, and perform are work in a bright, energetic, fun, and reasonable manner.
Main activity areas
Nara Prefecture and Saki-cho, Narasaka-cho, Hokkeji-cho
Number of staff members
1 part-time staff member, 130 full members
Annual operating budget
2.08 million yen in 2009, 1.71 million yen in 2010, 2.10 million yen in 2011
WEB site
Collaborating organizations
Nara Forest Research Institute, cooperative work and surveys for a renewed experimental section
Main activities
  • (1) Holding of nature observation meetings, research trips, and lecture meetings
  • (2) Conducting natural environment education for youths, helping with courses at local elementary schools
  • (3) Scenery development for woodlands and mountains, revival of woodland for use in the modern era
  • (4) Restoration of abundant ecosystems and protection of rare organisms in local communities
  • (5) Participation in activities to raise awareness of the environment led by the government, etc.