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Great Purple Emperor Butterfly Forest Creation Project to link people, nature, and communities

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Project Description

While some successes have been achieved in the restoration of protected forests through volunteers, who rescue great purple emperor butterflies in response to a sense of crisis towards the loss of woodland environments from the development of the Tsukuba Express Railway, a vision has yet to be established for the preservation of large-scale green areas even after development. In this project, we will study the past and present of this woodland environment including green areas, and start activities for sharing a future image of the woodlands with people in local communities. We will work to continually conserve woodlands with great purple emperor butterflies serving as a benchmark for the charm of living together with abundant nature.

Preservation of surface soil and forestsPreservation of biodiversity and ecosystem
Grant year
FY2012 Activity Grants
Grant term
3 years
October 2012 - September 2015
Grant amount
4,416,000 yen
Activity region
Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken, Japan
Children releasing butterflies that had been raised in breeding facility into improved forests

Overview of the Organization

Hiroshi Taniyama, Managing Director
Hiroshi Taniyama, Managing Director
Establishment year
Establishment purpose
In an effort to communicate the idea of communities with abundant nature to children in the future based on the theme of coexistence between nature and people, the purpose of the project is to promote the gathering, distribution, and sharing of information; conduct studies, research, and conservation in the natural environment surrounding Tsukuba; encourage the understanding of and participation in activities by many people; and implement environmental conservation activities in the local community.
Main activity areas
Tsukuba City and region surrounding Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture
Number of staff members
2 full-time staff members, 4 part-time staff members, 26 full members, 237 other members
Annual operation budget
13.47 million yen in 2009, 12.81 million yen in 2010, 11.14 million yen in 2011
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Main activities
Conduct activities centered around practice, development, and coordination in woodland fields near Mount Tsukuba and Tsukuba City. Conducts initiatives in the Mount Tsukuba area including instructor development and nature guide activities, the planning and operation of various courses such as the Tsukuba Mountain Base Nature School, the restoration of paddy fields that coexist with wildlife, and water source forest creation (forest improvements and tree planting). In addition, initiatives near Tsukuba Science City include raising great purple emperor butterflies (Japan's national butterfly) rescued from developed areas, environmental education, flatland forest development, and hands-on nature experience activities for children and parents.