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Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences Akira Mori, Associate Professor

Comprehensive ecosystem restoration focused on different diversity indices - a functional ecology approach

Research grant

Project Description

In many regions around the world, diversity in native ecosystems is decreasing as a result of human activity. This reduction in diversity also decreases the 'bounties of nature' provided by these ecosystems on which human populations depend. This research aims to study land-based ecosystems in Shiretoko, a world natural heritage site, and quantify the changes to ecosystem diversity and functions that accompany land development. The chemical data gained will be used to inform ecosytstem conservation and restoration efforts.

Grant year
FY2012 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2013 - March 2016
Grant amount
11,976,000 yen
Activity region
Shiretoko National Park, Hokkaido, Japan
Studying the diversity of vegetation and soil in a 100m2 exercise area in Shiretoko

Overview of the Organization

Akira Mori, Associate Professor
Akira Mori, Associate Professor
Specialist field
Affiliated academic societies
The Ecological Society of Japan, The Japanese Forest Society, Ecological Society of America, British Ecological Society, The International Biogeography Society, The International Association of Wildland Fire
Completed the doctoral program in agriculture from the Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture in 2004. Became a special overseas researcher for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (Simon Fraser University, Canada) in 2005, a specially appointed faculty member (assistant professor) at the Yokohama National University Graduate School of Environment and Information Sciences in 2008, a visiting researcher at Canada's University of Calgary in 2010, and assumed his current position in 2011
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Collaborating organizations
Kyoto University, the University of Tokyo, Hokkaido University, Kochi University, Waseda University
Research record
Has published over 50 original papers on forest ecology.
Notable publications
  • Mori A, Takeda H. "Effects of undisturbed canopy structure on population structure and species coexistence in an old-growth subalpine forest in central Japan." Forest Ecology and Management 200:89-100. (2004).
  • Mori AS, Mizumachi E, Komiyama A. "Roles of disturbance and demographic non-equilibrium in species coexistence, inferred from 25-year dynamics of a late-successional old-growth subalpine forest." Forest Ecology and Management 241:74-83. (2007).
  • Mori AS. "Ecosystem management based on natural disturbances: Hierarchical context and non-equilibrium paradigm." Journal of Applied Ecology 48:280-292. (2011)
  • Mori AS, Furukawa T, Sasaki T. "Response diversity determines the resilience of ecosystems to environmental change." Biological Reviews 88: 349-364. (2013)
  • Mori AS, Shiono T, Koide D, Kitagawa R, Ota AT, Mizumachi E. "Community assembly processes shape an altitudinal gradient of forest biodiversity." Global Ecology and Biogeography 22: 878-888. (2013)
Authored books
  • Mori A. (ed.) Ecosystem management: Toward a comprehensive conservation of ecosystems. Kyoritsu Shuppan, 350p (2012)