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Introduction to Grant Projects

Fukushima University Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences Fuminori Tanba, Associate Professor

Research aimed at recovering from nuclear disaster and rebuilding long-term evacuee communities

Research grant

Project Description

This research aims to build on the success of the 'Questionnaire Survey for Evacuees from Futaba 8 Municipalities' conducted in 2011. A second questionnaire survey for evacuees from Futaba 8 municipalities will be carried out to reveal issues faced by evacuees five years on from the disaster in terms of rebuilding lifestyles and hometowns, as well as creating specific policy recommendations for forming evacuee communities and rebuilding lives. Eventually it will contribute to building new structures for recovering from disasters, such as the Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness (provisional name).

Grant year
FY2014 Research Grants
Grant term
3 years
April 2015 - March 2018
Grant amount
17,965,000 yen
Activity region
Futaba District, Fukushima, Japan
A symposium held in Iwaki

Overview of the Organization

Fuminori Tanba, Associate Professor
Fuminori Tanba, Associate Professor
  • Specialist fields
    Poverty and low income issues, social security, social welfare policy, disaster recovery research
  • Affiliated organizations
    Japan Association for Social Policy Studies, Japan Society for the Study of Social Welfare, Japan Society for Disaster Recovery and Revitalization, Academy of Housing for Life and Well-Being, Japan
  • Background
    Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1973.
    Completed first stage of doctoral program at Nihon Fukushi University Graduate School of Social Welfare in 1998 (master's degree in social welfare).
    Following this, became an instructor at a facility for children with intellectual disabilities in Nagoya.
    Then served as a lecturer at Nagoya Bunka Gakuen School of Medical Welfare and Himeji Hinomoto College, before being appointed associate professor at Fukushima University's Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences in March 2004
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Research record
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