New Year Message 2022

Jan. 4, 2022

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The following "New Year Message 2022" was addressed to all officers and employees by President Kenichi Hori.


Happy New Year, everyone!
I would like to say a few words and share my thoughts as we embark on 2022.

The World Economy

It has been almost two years since the onset of COVID-19 across the globe. During that time, there have been dramatic changes in the global business environment, including advances in digital technology, rising geopolitical tensions, developments in climate change responses and growing economic disparity, all giving rise to further uncertainties. The year 2021 ended amid alarm about renewed growth in the number of COVID cases in some countries and regions, as well as the emergence of a new variant. As such, the future remains full of uncertainties.

Despite such challenging situations, every day I see Mitsui people working consistently to bolster our current profits and build a new earnings base for the future, while adjusting themselves to the COVID new normal. I can personally feel the intensity of your efforts. The world economy is generally showing signs of recovery, albeit with some regional variations, and there has also been a resurgence of interaction among global leaders. To spearhead these trends, let us shift to a higher gear and move boldly into the new year.

The Global Environment

Awareness of environment issues has risen in recent years all over the world, leading to intense debate about common priorities, such as decarbonization and the conservation of natural capital. At the core of Mitsui & Co.'s founding philosophy is the desire to create a sustainable world by cherishing the precious resources of the earth. We have a history and track record of tackling common global issues by transforming our business models and approaches in response to the demands of the times. Today, we need to be aware of our role as successors of this legacy and corporate culture, and work to fulfill our responsibility to achieve both conservation of the global environment and the sustainable supply of products, services and resources, thereby contributing to the enhancement of the quality of life around the world.

In pursuit of this grand goal, first and foremost, we need to grasp the essentials of complex and changing social issues, using our professional insight and acumen honed at the frontline of our businesses. Mitsui also has an extensive menu of services developed over many years. I want all of us to take full advantage of our unique strengths to reinforce our cross-industrial approach and find solutions that offer real value by Mitsui as a whole. Let us join forces to accumulate tangible results so that we can show them transparently and with pride to our stakeholders.

Forging a New Future

Our mission is to "Build brighter futures, everywhere." In this age of great change, I believe that each of you draws your own vision of the future and is taking steps, whether large or small towards innovation and forging a new future. Mitsui & Co. is a platform that brings together such diverse forms of Kokorozashi (aspirations that each of us has to make a difference in the world, driven by an inherent desire to serve the common good). To embody high aspirations, we all need to think thoroughly and work hard in order to elevate ourselves. At the same time, the company will also provide the greatest possible support to those professionals who are determined to follow initiatives through to the end.

As you know, Mitsui & Co. has a great pool of people with diverse experiences and career backgrounds. This rich diversity is the source of our competitiveness. I believe that when each member of this company respects the unique value of other people, builds mutually beneficial relationships, embraces multifaceted thinking that transcends existing frameworks, and thereby expands what we can offer to the world, it will naturally induce innovation and lead to new business models. Further, if we extend this circle of co-creation to include our customers, partners, and communities around the world, I am sure that the Mitsui & Co. group can provide value that will have an even greater impact on society.

In Conclusion

I imagine that all of you must be starting the new year with new goals and aspirations. To achieve them, you need to exercise good judgement backed by integrity and maintain unshakeable commitment, and above all, you have to look ahead and keep moving forwards. The first step may be small, but the accumulation of "next steps" will always open up your path. Should there be unexpected situations along the way, engage in constructive dialogue with your colleagues and draw inspiration from one another. By building on such small achievements, we will eventually accomplish ambitious goals that have a significant impact on society.

Over the coming year, let us move forward together toward creating a future filled with hope. I wish you and your families good health and further success in 2022.