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Methane fermentation & Biogas power generation business

In addition to solar and wind power generation as renewable energy sources, Mitsui is also involved in biomass power generation, which is an energy source derived from living organisms, to provide optimal proposals for energy mix.
In the methane fermentation biogas power generation business, the Chubu Branch is involved in supporting the planning, construction, and introduction of biogas facilities that use food waste as raw material, thereby addressing the issues of corporate food waste by reducing waste through biofermentation, reusing the biogas generated as energy, and recycling fermentation residues as resources, We also contribute to decarbonization from the perspective of circular economy.
From large biogas facilities mainly for municipalities to small- and medium-sized biogas facilities for food companies, we offer optimal methane fermentation biogas power generation schemes through collaboration with our group companies (engineering, sales of goods, leasing, etc.).

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