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Mitsui's activity in Russia & CIS The evolution of the general trading company Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
  • 1947- The birth of Daiichi Bussan and its expansion into global markets

In 1947, the company was established under its original name of Daiichi Bussan with a capitalization of 195,000 yen and 37 employees. In 1949 it was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and ten years later, the company integrated with other trading companies and changed its name to Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

  • 1967 Opened representative office in Moscow
  • '60s: Stable supply of resources which supported the growing economy

In the era of high-speed economic growth through trade and capital liberalization, Mitsui & Co. aimed to secure a stable supply of foodstuffs, raw materials for industrial use, and energy resources such as oil and coal for the domestic economy by positively engaging in overseas mining development and import business.

  • 1979 Started to dispatch Russian language trainees to the Leningrad State University
  • '70s: Positive responses to the rapidly changing international environment

Struck by oil shocks, Japan's economy recorded negative growth for the first time in the postwar era, as did many other national economies. Under these difficult conditions, the natural gas projects which Mitsui & Co. had promoted prior to the oil shocks increased in importance as alternative energy sources and for the decentralization of supply routes.

  • 1989 Opened the representative office in Khabarovsk
  • '80s: Development of new markets, including hi-tech fields

As securing resources and research and development of new technologies became prominent, Mitsui & Co. emphasized three fields during the 1980s as having top priority; energy field, machinery field, and the new industrial field. With strong prospects for high growth, the company focused especially on the new industrial field by investing human resources and capital and strengthening the development capability.

  • 1991 Established T.M. Baikal Co., Ltd. as the first investment in Russia/CIS
  • 1992 Opened representative office in Vladivostok
  • 1993 Opened representative offices in Tashkent, Kiev (2022- Kyiv) and Almaty
  • 1994 Established Sakhalin Energy Company, which signed Production Sharing Contract and started Sakhalin-2 project 
  • 1997 Opened representative office in Baku
  • '90s: Taking up challenges in the information and communications fields

In the '90s, improvements took place in information infrastructure and the economy globalized drastically. Mitsui & Co. began participating in next-generation communication networks with computers and communications at their core, such as the communications satellite business and communications service business.

  • 2002 Opened representative office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
  • 2004 Established "Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC"
  • 2004 Opened representative office in Astana(Nur-Sultan)
  • 2007 Opened branch office in St.Petersburg
  • 2009 Started plant operation of Sakhalin-2 project and first delivery of LNG
  • 2017 Acquired 10% shaes of R-Pharm
  • 2017 50 years anniversary of Moscow office 
  • 2019 Acquired 10% shares of Arctic LNG-2 together with JOGMEC

  • Since 2000: Challenges and creativity in new fields; advancing integrated strengths

In the 21st century, "real integrative strength" is being demanded of corporations. Taking advantage of its ability to provide solutions nurtured through the company's considerable experience with IT, FT and LT, Mitsui & Co. has been able to display its own "integrative strengths" and seek out business opportunities in new areas.

In the global economy, where the line between domestic and foreign has diminished, we will further improve our integrative strengths and pledge to give full play to our capabilities and continue our evolution.