Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC

Our Business

Mobility Business Department

Business Field

  • Automobiles
    Dealer & distribution business, manufacturing business, etc.
  • Machinery
    Dealer business for mining and construction machinery, distribution of machine tools and sales of other industrial machinery, etc.


Strengthen the Machinery business through partnership with the TOYOTA, HINO, KOMATSU and local partners. Create new business, foreseeing movements in CIS market.

Key Projects

  • TOYOTA dealership business
  • HINO distribution business
  • Automobile manufacturing business
  • KOMATSU mining & construction machinery dealership business


Main Affiliated Companies of Mitsui's Automotive and Machinery-related Businesses in Russia and CIS Region

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  Affiliated Company Business Description Location
TOYOTA Alliance Motor Yekaterinburg, GJSC
Alliance Motor Tyumen, LLC
Sollers-Bussan, LLC
Russia (Yekaterinburg)
Russia (Tyumen)
Russia (Vladivostok)
HINO Hino Motors Sales, LLC Distribution Russia (Vladivostok)
KOMATSU KOMEK Machinery, LLC Dealership Russia (Yekaterinburg)
KOMEK Machinery Kazakhstan, LLP Dealership Kazakhstan (Astana)