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Iron & Steel Products Department


Focus on enhancing global marketing and logistic services through expanding stocking and processing facilities in selected geographic regions, such as emerging countries where higher growth of local demand for steel products is expected

  • Automotive sector: Continue to improve the steel processing functions of existing coil centres and develop new facilities in emerging countries
  • Energy sector: Provide Mitsui's global marketing and logistic network for pipes and tubes and challenging new business areas, such as steel products for offshore oil fields and Supply Chain Management services.
  • Infrastructure and Construction sector: Develop stocking and processing facilities to establish solid platform in emerging countries to capture growth of local steel demand
  • Domestic market: Provide the optimum marketing and logistic services focusing on core business areas

Business Fields

  • Iron and steel products and semi-finished products
    Semi-finished steel products (slabs, billets, etc.), flat-rolled steel products (hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets, coated sheets, tinplates, electrical sheets, etc.), tubular products, pipes, wire rods, plates, automotive steel, special steel, stainless steel, others.
  • Networking over the market
    Sales, purchase, distribution, stocking, any trade activity is being developed at many places at one time. Such networking is growing with local partners.
  • Investments in iron and steel businesses
    Steel processing service centres (processing and distribution operations), manufacturing operations (electrical furnaces, etc.), iron and steel trading companies, etc.