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Chemicals Department

Business Field

One the leading trading and investments companies which participating in such huge projects in Russian Federation as "Sakhalin-2" is targeting to establish strategic cooperation with leaders of Russian Chemicals sector of Economy. Company is aiming to contribute to the development of Russian economy and regions by expanding investment and trading in resource and non-resource sectors.


Company strategy is focused on

  • project activity to develop new production capacities for gas and petro chemicals products;
  • development of trading activity with gas and petro chemical products, fertilizers, etc;
  • support of plastics, resins, rubbers, other performance materials sales in the Russian market via exclusive distributor;

Key Projects

The areas of businesses covered within this department include gas chemical and fertilizers, organic chemicals, in-organic chemicals, elastomers, plastic, resins, additives and other chemical products. The following business areas in particular will receive extra attention and focus in the future:

  • gas chemicals products
  • agricultural chemicals and products
  • petrochemical products
  • creation of production capacities for new high-value added materials