Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC

Our Business

Innovation & Corporate Development Business Department

Business Field

  • IT business
    Internet related business (online payment, e-commerce, online advertising), IT-based streamlining and value adding solutions for industry
  • Logistics business
    Provision of end-to-end logistics solutions designed to customer needs


Utilizing our IT, financial, logistics capabilities to contribute to the business expansion and the creation of next-generation businesses

  • Developing internet and media related businesses including retail commerce and payment
  • Providing necessary innovative technologies and devices to the growing industry
  • Building up the global logistics platform by unifying three business field (Logistics Network, Logistics Solutions and Storage Platforms)

Key Projects

  • Qiwi, LTD.
    The largest instant payment system in Russia, which operates payment terminals and mobile wallets which provides convenient payment method to people. Mitsui joined the company in 2010 as a shareholder and we are working with the company to explore opportunities in overseas markets and development of new services in Russian market.
    A subsidiary of TPV Technology Ltd., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of display products (LCD monitors and TVs), which work with global brands of monitors and TVs . Mitsui has been supporting the operation since its opening of its factory in St.Petersburg.
  • MB-FESCO Trans
    Joint Venture for the warehousing and forwarding with one of the biggest Russian transportation company, FESCO Transportation Group. Mitsui is trying to contribute the development of Russian logistics field by utilizing the company and by leveraging the know-how of Japanese logistics technology. The company also offers effective solutions in the field of transportation and forwarding on the Russian domestic intermodal market including road, rail and sea shipping.