Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC

Our Business

Wellness & ICT Department



  • By combining the ICT-related knowledge and business assets with the knowledge of several other industries and business possessed by other business units, we are working to create new added values that is unique to us as a “Sogo Shosha”, a global investment and trading company.

  • Healthcare

  • Contributing to the enrichment of people's lives by creating business from a global perspective and providing high value-added services.

Business Field


  • Internet services
  • Fintech/payment services
  • Digital marketing services
  • AI/data analysis services
  • Industrial data management software


  • Pharmaceutical business and related ancillary business
  • Healthcare service provision and related ancillary businesses
  • Health information related businesses
  • Comprehensive support services for healthcare providers
  • Contract food services
  • Uniform rental
  • Facility management

Key Projects

  • R-Pharm JSC

    One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in Russia and CIS. Company’s activity includes development, manufacturing and sales of drugs. Mitsui is a shareholder of the Company since 2017.