Mitsui & Co. Moscow LLC


CSR Activity of Mitsui in Russia

Joint educational programs with St.Petersburg State University: lections, research programs in Japan, donation of books and videos to University library.

On the photo: President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. Mr.Masami Iijima and Rector of St.Petersburg State University N.M.Kropachev during MoU signing on October 20, 2009

Sponsorship of exhibition "Samurais: Treasures of the military aristocracy of Japan" from Tokyo National Museum in museums of Moscow Kremlin in 2008.

On the photo: Chief Regional Representative in CIS Fukunaga Takashi, director of Tokyo National museum Sato Teiichi, Director of Moscow Kremlin Museums E.Yu.Gagarina during the ceremony of exhibition opening.

Educational Programs at Saint-Petersburg State University

Lecture "What have I learned in Russia: difficulty and fascination of understanding this country", held by Japanese journalist Mr. Kazuo Kobayashi at Saint-Petersburg State University on 29th of October, 2013.

Since 2007, Mitsui & Co. has hosted two Mitsui-endowed lectures annually at Saint Petersburg State University. Through the program, we aim to encourage a deeper understanding of Japanese society and its culture, and to inspire individuals to help build amicable relations between Japan and Russia and to facilitate greater interaction between the two nations. Mitsui & Co. invites lecturers from many fields, including business, culture, science, education and sports. They speak at the university on the subject of "innovation", drawing from their own unique experiences, knowledge and philosophies, and convey to their audiences of student youth the importance of embracing dreams and aspirations. In addition to the Mitsui-endowed lectures, Mitsui also contributes to the university by providing scholarships to its students for international study in Japan and donating Japanese-language books and DVDs to the university to be used as teaching materials by SPSU's Faculty of Oriental Studies.