Publication of the Sustainable Supply Chain Management Handbook

May 31, 2022

Main Contents

Based on our "Sustainable Supply Chain Policy," we have been working to identify and resolve issues related to human rights and the environment in our supply chains. As one of our supply chain management initiatives, we have prepared a "Sustainable Supply Chain Management Handbook", which is available on our Sustainability Website.

We have published this Handbook primarily for the business partners of the Mitsui & Co. group for the following three purposes.

  1. Present our approach to sustainability and our supply chain management and deepen their understanding of our policies and efforts.
  2. Share our expectations on sustainability with our business partners and request them to cooperate in our efforts.
  3. Provide our business partners with information on sustainability issues, the backgrounds, and practical actions, to support them in solving sustainability issues.

In supply chain management, we believe putting it into practice in collaboration with our stakeholders is more important than anything. We hope you find this handbook useful for building sustainable supply chain management.

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Handbook (PDF 1.0MB)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management Handbook