Beware of scams impersonating Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and its officers or employees, and scam websites

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Mitsui & Co., Ltd. has recently become aware that the names of Mitsui & Co., our affiliates and/or their officers or employees have been used without permission in phone calls, e-mails or otherwise to solicit access to scam websites through investment solicitation and placing fake orders.

Examples of such fraudulent activities are as follows:

  • soliciting investments into a company falsely claimed to have been recommended by officers or employees of Mitsui & Co.;
  • soliciting investments into a fund falsely claimed to have been established by officers or employees of Mitsui & Co.;
  • inducing over the telephone the commitment of bank transfer fraud by falsely explaining that the respondent will receive corporate bond of a certain company, making an offer to purchase such corporate bond and persuading such respondent of the necessity of preliminary confirmation of his or her account trading record;
  • soliciting access to scam websites through making a fake order by spoofing e-mail using the names of Mitsui & Co. or its officers or employees; and
  • soliciting admission to a welfare facility for the elderly by a caller falsely claiming to be an officer or employee of Mitsui & Co..

Moreover, we have also received reports of fraudulent solicitations for fake transactions as if the entity concerned is affiliated to Mitsui & Co., via manipulation of a fake Mitsui & Co. website, which has been illegally duplicated without our permission.

As Mitsui & Co. and our affiliates have no relationship whatsoever with such fraudulent activities, please beware of and take appropriate steps to guard against any such fraudulent activities, including by checking the sender address and the identity of any entity or person who is engaging in activities of solicitation.


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