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The Logistics Department plays a very important role within the trading business of coordinating every portion of the whole supply chain, insurance practices included. The department continues its practice of providing its customers with a high quality logistics service by making use of its own accumulated experiences. Our activities cover the following two areas:

1. Transportation Business and Related Investment:

The Logistics Department provides transportation services by cooperating with Tri-Net Group (international freight forwarder) and Libraport Campinas S.A*.(bonded warehousing company in the state of Sao Paulo). The department will continue to expand its superior logistics infrastructure** and service network in Brazil, which is closely integrated with the global logistics network of the Transportation Logistics Group in Asia, Europe and Japan.

*Libraport Campinas S.A. a bonded warehouse with concession granted by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service (Receita Federal) is located in Campinas, the state of São Paulo, Brazil. It has been a successful joint venture with Grupo Libra in Brazil for more than a decade long. It provides services of bonded and general cargo storage, container loading and unloading, cargo transportation, all of which are supported by the regime exclusive to companies that are awarded with the referred EADI (Estação Aduaneira do Interior) concession.

**Mitsui's activity in logistics infrastructure business area
In July 2011, Mitsui announced the acquisition of Portek International Limited ("Portek") which is the port development and management company in Singapore. The company has prominent skills and operations in this business area. Now Mitsui seeks to develop an effective logistics infrastructure and network in Brasil and this acquisition would assist to expand and improve our logistic operations.

2. Corporate Logistics Support:

Photo of Libraport Campinas S.A. Photo of Libraport Campinas S.A.

The department provides intra-corporate services such as import/export shipping arrangement, break bulk transportation arrangement, logistics consultation, marine cargo insurance procurement and liability insurance arrangement.