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Chemicals and Consumer Products


Our main role in Brazil is to strive to contribute toward the creation of a new business model in Chemicals and Consumer Products business fields driving increase of value to the Brazilian society.

The Chemicals and Consumer Products Department spans a wide range of Industries, from upstream areas, such as basic chemicals and inorganic raw materials, to downstream areas, including functional materials for various applications, electronic materials, specialty chemicals, agri-inputs, and animal and human nutrition products, as well as peripheral fields such as Housing & Industrial Materials, Medical & Healthcare, Forest resources, and lifestyle materials.

Major activities:

Basic Materials Business Unit

Basic Materials Business Unit

We develop businesses with a strong local presence, leveraging our sales network, diverse product areas and customer bases around the world.

The Basic Materials Business Unit's operations are centered around basic chemical feedstock, which supports a wide range of industry domains around the world.

Our trading business functions as an antenna to fulfil the needs of clients by capturing various industrial trends across the chemical industry and beyond, utilizing our network of offices located around the world. The chemical industry plays a fundamental role in technological innovation and it is becoming more important than ever in the current tide of times, with increasing populations in emerging countries, QoL improvement, and trends in low carbon and recycling.

We aim to capture new business opportunities by addressing social challenges such as the establishment of a recycling-oriented society.

Performance Materials Business Unit

Performance Materials Business Unit

Developing business primarily in growth industries in cooperation with strategic partners. The business operations of the Performance Materials Business Unit create links between related growth industries from a raw materials perspective. Addressing social needs and issues, it contributes to solutions through the creation of new business focused on the development of materials with more sophisticated functions, for fields ranging from automotive and electronic materials to housing and lifestyle products, packaging materials, and surfactants.

Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit

 Nutrition & Agriculture Business Unit

The rise in global population is impacting the structure of food demand and we are making preparations to respond to an increase in demand by expanding the manufacture of essential amino acid feeds and methionine in the animal protein resources market, which forms the foundation of nutrition. In crops, we are strengthening our involvement in the vast agriculture sector extending from individual farmers to the manufacture and sales of agrochemical resources, such as the development of fertilizer resources and phosphorus ore, and global logistics services for fertilizer raw materials and sulfur/sulfuric acid. As population growth is particularly prominent among the middle-income group, we expect to see a subsequent expansion in market size and demand for delicious and healthy food. Furthermore, as people become increasingly aware of lengthening lifespans, we also expect food to provide a gateway into a new market for preventative healthcare products. By leveraging the hybrid function of our chemicals and food businesses, we will continue to provide products that meet the diversifying needs of consumers.