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Foods & Retail

The Foods & Retail Department is engaged in businesses related to a variety of food resources and products, ranging from upstream to downstream, within, and also extending outside of Brazil.

Our current business can be mainly divided into three parts:

1) Procurement of Food Resources:

In order to secure a stable supply of basic food resources, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. is now engaged in the upstream farming business through its 100% subsidiary Multigrain S.A., which produces crops such as soybeans in areas including the state of Bahia.

2) Trading of Food Products:

Mitsui is also engaged in the trading business of a wide variety of food products, such as soybeans, sugar, alcohol, corn, coffee, juice, egg products and meat products, between Brazil and other countries of Latin America, and Japan and also the rest of the world.

3) Manufacture and Retail within the Brazilian Market:

Mitsui also recognizes the emerging domestic consumer market and its huge potential in Brazil. To attend to this growing demand, we are also engaged in the business of manufacturing and retailing of final food products through our 100% subsidiary Mitsui Alimentos Ltda., of which its best known brand is its coffee, Café Brasileiro. We will continue to challenge ourselves in a variety of new business fields in order to not fall behind this rapidly growing domestic market.

These are only few examples of our business. While the world continues to demand for more food every day and Brazil is the key in meeting this growth, our domestic market is also very important to us. This is why Mitsui's extensive global network, synergies with our affiliated companies, large clientele, and vast know-how accumulated through our decades of existence become crucial. Taking advantage of these unique attributes, Mitsui will continue to expand its food business, always aiming to contribute to the betterment of Brazil and also the rest of the world, and be your solution provider of choice in this dynamic world.

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