Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A.

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Business fields

  • Development of liquefied natural gas (LNG)/natural gas projects
  • Trading and marketing of LNG/natural gas
  • Exploration, development and production of oil, natural gas and other energy resources
  • Trading and marketing of oil, petroleum products, coal, uranium and other energy resources
  • Electricity wholesale, trading, and aggregation
  • Next-generation energy (biofuels, hydrogen, carbon management)

In order to meet the various energy needs of our customers, Mitsui is promoting the development of a well-balanced energy resource portfolio and focusing on the development of environmental businesses for the coming low-carbon society.

With regard to Brazil, its importance as an oil-producing country has increased with the discovery of the pre-salt layer, and we are exploring for oil and gas projects offshore of Barreirinhas to strengthen our portfolio of energy resources.

In addition, LNG and natural gas are one of our core businesses. In Brazil, there is a need to secure LNG as a countermeasure against the recent drought, and there is also a need to utilize domestically produced natural gas due to the enforcement of the new gas law.

We have started LNG production with our liquefaction train in Cameron, USA, and we are also working on new LNG supply projects that use large-scale natural gas resources, such as the Area 1 LNG project in Mozambique and the Arctic LNG2 project in northern Russia, and we are working to build a new value chain in Brazil by utilizing these projects.

In particular, the electric power sector in Brazil is undergoing modernization, and there is a growing need for power trading services such as price hedging and supply-demand adjustment in response to market fluctuations caused by the spread of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, so we are also focusing on developing business in this field.

Business fields