Mitsui & Co. (Brasil) S.A.

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Business fields

  • Development of oil and gas exploration / production project
  • Development of liquefied natural gas (LNG) project
  • Development of sugarcane based bio-ethanol project
  • Development of other environment related business
  • Trading of oil, petroleum products

Mitsui is pursuing the development of a well balanced energy resource portfolio in order to meet customer energy needs, and to focus on environmental business development for the forthcoming low carbon society. Among our projects, one of Mitsui's most recent project is Sakhalin II crude oil and natural gas development and production project which began production in 2009 in Russia.

Regarding Brazil, the importance of this country as an oil-producing country has been increasing especially after the recent discovery of pre-salt reserve and we are pursuing the development of oil and gas project to enhance our energy resource portfolio throughout the world. We are also proceeding with development of a biomass ethanol project and seeking opportunities for other biomass energy business, which is viewed as one of the promissing renewable energy sources. With its vast national land and weather condition etc, we believe Brazil is one of the most competitive countries for biomass energy business.

Business fields