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Updated on 5th June 2024

1. Business Development Position (Energy Division)

Job description

Sales, marketing, and business development of Energy & infrastructure (Biofuel, SAF, carbo credit, IREC, LNG, hydrogen, etc.) in Thai or international business scene. Support to analyze the market, coordinate partners, and identify and develop new energy business in accordance with Mitsui’s global strategy.

  • Enhance network/relationship with strategic partners/customers, understand their agenda/policy to secure the business seeds which is in accordance with Mitsui’s global/regional strategy.
  • Identify/develop new business opportunity (biofuel, SAF, carbon credit, hydrogen, etc.) by collaborating with headquarter and other business divisions, and promote the business in accordance with divisional objectives and action plans.
  • Collect industrial information/statics, analyze, summarize and provide them with external/internal stakeholder in timely and appropriate manner.
  • Any other assignment by GM in accordance with the development of the skills/capability.

We are looking for

  • Male/Female, age 27-35 years.
  • Fluent or good command of English in all skills (require minimum TOEIC score 730).
  • At least 3 years of work experience in Business Development.
  • Experience/knowledge in energy (gas/oil) or biochemical or renewable energy or similar kind of industry is preferable.
  • Good collaboration, ability to maximize the cross divisional synergy, and teamwork.
  • Capable to create comprehensively formatted presentation by PowerPoint, Excel (graph/chart) etc.
  • Need to be persist to create new business with long-term view. Outgoing and cooperative character.

2. Sales Position (Basic Chemicals Division)

Job description

To take care trading business for industrial chemicals and agricultural chemicals including logistics and internal controls, and to investigate new business opportunity and new market.

  • To sell and buy chemical product and manage delivery.
  • To visit supplier and customers frequently to build up/maintain good relationship.
  • To find new business chances through natural conversation with suppliers and customers.
  • To accumulate knowledge about related chemical product.
  • To handle commercial, logistics, risk management issues including trouble shooting.

We are looking for

  • Male/Female, age 25-35 years.
  • Good command of English (require minimum TOEIC score 730) and basic IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • At least 3 years of work experience in Sales (Sales of Chemicals is not a mandatory but preferable).
  • Knowledge of trading (Import/Export, and Domestic distribution), logistics, and inventory management skills.
  • Enthusiastic, strong negotiation and smooth communication skill.
  • Aggressiveness to visit customers and find new business opportunity.
  • Positive thinking, Can-do attitude, having high responsibility for work.

3. Legal Counsel Position (Legal Division)

Job description

This position is mainly responsible for (1) managing legal and compliance matters of MCT/MSI/MSH with professional knowledge and experience, such as giving proper and practical legal solutions to management, business and corporate divisions as well as group companies, and (2) managing corporate secretarial works, such as Shareholders’ meeting and Board of Directors’ meeting and the relevant company registration.

  • Provide proper legal solution to management, business and corporate divisions as well as group companies with minimum supervision by the team members.
  • Promote Company’s Compliance Program and “With Integrity” guidelines. Handle compliance issues with the supervision of GM. Plan and lead legal and compliance seminars.
  • Manage corporate secretarial works, such as Shareholders’ meetings and Board of Directors’ meetings and the relevant company registration.
  • Review and update company internal regulations from time to time by following up on the enforcement or amendment of relevant laws and regulations with the discussion with team members and other corporate divisions.
  • Enhancement of legal knowledge of MCT/MSI staff, representative office and group companies via seminars, newsletters, or any other means. Provide proper instruction to team members and lead the members in Legal Division.
  • This position is required to involve other corporate divisions properly to provide practical solutions to business divisions and management.

We are looking for

  • Male/Female, age 25-35 years
  • Experience 5 years or more as an in-house legal counsel or an attorney in law firm.
  • English proficiency for business (TOEIC score 800 or above is preferable).
  • Middle-high level legal knowledge, precise and prompt report to GM and other supervisors.
  • Able to manage legal and compliance matters as an in-house lawyer.
  • Outgoing character as a team member, proactive proposing, responsible, integrity mindset.

4. Accounting Staff (Financial Management Division)

Area of responsibility

Responsible for General expenses of Corporate (CP, HR, Legal, CFO), Concur application, Entertainment monitoring report, CFO expenses for Plan / Replan / Forecast. Be a team player for BKKAK; assist team in any way to achieve team's targets. Be an expert in acc/tax areas for Accounting Dept. and other divisions; provide assistance and advice to solve any issues.

  • Process and complete workflows of Corporate Divisions such as CP, HR, Legal and Financial Management Division as well as VAT Report.
  • Process Concur expense claims and prepare Quarterly entertainment monitoring report.
  • Record adjustment entries for CP, HR, Legal and FMD for accounts closing i.e. Accrued, Prepaid, Expense allocation, etc.
  • Coordinate in preparation of Business Plan / Replan / Forecast and support ACC team to complete any reporting.
  • Support and provide advice to Process Control Dept., Financial Management Division, Corporate Planning Division, Rep offices, etc. for issues related to accounting and tax.

We are looking for

  • Male/Female, age 25-35 years
  • Accounting background with 2-5 years of accounting experience is mandatory.
  • Good command of English.
  • Computer literacy: MS Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SAP is advantage.
  • Work under pressure during peak time of every month to complete accounts closing.
  • Good team player, good attitude, Communicate well with people.
  • Well organized and attend to details. Be able to provide advice related to tax and accounting to any parties related with Mitsui.

5. Sales Coordinator Position (Food & Retail Business Division)

Job description

Sales coordinator of Food business (Import & Export and Domestic).

  • Handle sales execution tasks (i.e control shipment delivery, follow up payment etc.).
  • Taking care of documents related to import/export, and domestic business and input in the system properly.
  • Facilitate related works with internal (back office) and external organization (customers, vendors, government offices, etc.)
  • Support to sales PIC for new business development.

We are looking for

  • Male/Female, age 22-26 years.
  • Good command of English and basic IT skills (Excel, Word, PowerPoint).
  • Newly graduate or 1-2 years of work experience as a Sales Coordinator or related field.
  • Knowledge of international business (i.e. Trading, Import/Export), logistics, and inventory management skills is preferable.
  • Positive thinking and good at communication to create good relationships with customers and colleagues.
  • Cheerful, hard working, challenging for new learning & new business.
  • Accuracy and punctuality in handling sales execution and adaptability to the assignment and other tasks.
  • Be able to work under pressure and under urgent situation.

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